Not enough memory to scan disk or defrag!

  Dearersteak 17:05 08 May 2003

Ok, Been running a 600Mhz AMD, with 128MB-SD and a 12Gig HDD (win 98). Never given me any major grife, only self inflicted stuff.. Was slowly running out of hard drive space, so finaly got a new 40Gb 7200 HDD. I transfred the contens of the old 12Gb onto the 40, alone with the system files via DOS, so now i boot from the 40Gig, and its running a lot faster as a result, which i was expecting. But i've incounted a unforseen problem....(as you do)

On attemping to Defrag, I was presented with an error message reading...

Quote "Your computer does not have enough free memory to defrag this Drive. Quit one or more programs, and then try defragmenting this drive again. ID NO:DEFRAG009" Unqoute.

So, First of all, i closed everything i had running, But still, The machine was'nt having none of it, Also check the task manager, to check for any programs running in the background. In the end, the only program that was running was Explorer. Amazed that the machine did'nt just inplode. So my next thought was that maybe the swap files had for some reasons been disabled, But the have'nt. I then thought of trying the old 12 Gig, which was happy to Defrag/scan disk, No problem.

So, this has led me to belive that the only thing left to do is to go to 256, (which i'm reluctent to do, as one, i'm still on pocket money and paper round, and two, my board only has two memroy banks, both taken up by 64's). So, Does anyone have any other ideares or suggestions, or am i going to have to just bite the bullet and dig into my pocket?


can you run defrag if you boot in DOS?

  VoG™ 17:14 08 May 2003
  Dearersteak 17:29 08 May 2003

I would like to be able to run defrag withing windows, That page u qouted Vog did'nt seem to help. What about if i install Norton system works, and us there defrager, would that make a differents?

Uninstalled norton after copying it to one drive to the other, did'nt seem to like it, and so had to remove it.

  woodchip 17:50 08 May 2003

It's because you have transferred to new drive in staid of formatting new drive and reloading, it thinks it's still a 12Gb drive, You have as you say your self, transferred the setting as well

  woodchip 18:00 08 May 2003

PS If you had used Drive Image it would have done it correctly

  Granger 18:12 08 May 2003

Can you run msconfig? Click diagnostic startup, or at least disable the startup group, then restart. I always defrag this way anyway, so I'm defragging as many files as possible.

  david.h 19:44 08 May 2003

to clear the settings back up everything and reformat. this last resort option cheaper than buying new memory...h

  Dearersteak 08:01 09 May 2003

Ok, well, Was forced to format last night, when for some unknow reason, 98 just mad, and was rejuced to 16bit colour and some stuided screen res. I'm now formated, and re-installed windows, and unbelivebly, It still won't scan disk or Defrag!!! Any other idears, And will more memory fix it?

  Cuddles 10:25 09 May 2003

When you go into SYSTEM how much memory does it say you have, could be a problem with a memory chip, or wrong assignment of virtual memory.

  Dearersteak 12:15 09 May 2003

Nope, though of that to, Reading 127Mb, so nothing wrong there.

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