Not enough memory available for network folders

  Ivor_Monkey 18:51 15 Feb 2005

I have a home network comprisng win98 and XP pcs, which has previously worked.

But now I get "Not enough memory available. Quit some programs", when (from win98 pc) i try to open folders/partitions folders on XP machine. I have allowed sharing etc. XP machine can access folders on win98 no problem.

I have few 5? smallish programs running in background and the win98 pc has 128 ram (I know it isn;t a lot, but it worked before)and 75-81% of system resources free. I have 2 HDD with a few partitions in win98. C drive has 10% (2gb) free.

I have run anti virus, spybot etc and hijack this programs etc.

As I said, it used to work.

Any suggestions please?

1) Could it be that I dont have enough spare capacity on HDD?

2) Could somebody remind me of the good test/fix for drive?

3) Is this likely cause? :
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  howard60 21:16 15 Feb 2005

could this be a firewall problem? eg zone alarm update has set za as if it was a completly new installation and everything has had to be set to allow again.

  Ivor_Monkey 23:06 16 Feb 2005

Thnaks, but I don't think it is the firewall (sygate) coz I have that installed on both pcs and XP can access folders on win98 pc without any problem and settings seem identical.

I wonder if it might have something to do with size of swap files. I used Norton to optimse windows when space was limited.
I wonder if Norton has caused the problem.

I now have 5gb of free space on hdd, but I still get the message "not enough memory".

Any ideas anyone?

  Ivor_Monkey 10:51 20 Feb 2005

Anyone got any ideas?

I can't print large files.
Scanreg shows fine.
No errors on 128 ram (memtest).

  Ivor_Monkey 15:53 20 Feb 2005

And....Maxtor disks are also shown only as generic in my computer, although bios shows them as Maxtor. Maxtor test program shows disks are good. It looks like a software problem, but what?

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