Not enough free Memory

  Snakey 20:37 04 Jul 2003

I keep getting this message when I try to open any programs even though I do not have any programs open.
Help Please.

  sil_ver 20:43 04 Jul 2003

Is your harddrive nearly full? as this might refer to virtual memory. If you can, get rid of a few programs you don't use plus any other clutter then do a defrag. Make sure you haven't got to many background progs running. 64Mb RAM could do with upping to 128Mb which is a minimum if you want to run XP.

  BillEmm 21:26 04 Jul 2003

If you can let us have more details perhaps you will get a more specific reply.
This message can be RAM, VM, Resource or HDD related. Also let us know what Operating System you are using and size and usage of your hard drive.


  Snakey 21:33 04 Jul 2003

Hard Disk capacity hardly used. Defrag done. Win98 O/S

  Snakey 21:37 04 Jul 2003

Didn't see your response until I posted rhe last.

I am not running VM and have checked HD with scandisk (FULL SURFACE) in DOS.


  Ironman556 21:41 04 Jul 2003

Have you installed any new programs that run on startup? Go to run, type "msconfig" and select the startup tab and deselect anything you can recognise that you don't need. Leave Systray though.

64 mb sounds a little low even for win 98. I'd put a 128 module in minimum. You should be able to pick one up from somewhere like PC World for about £25, or order online from click here I've just bought some memory from there, next day delivery, and they have a system to make sure the memory you buy is compatible with your PC.

  sil_ver 21:50 04 Jul 2003

Are you really trying to run without VMM? If so that will be your problem.

  BillEmm 22:52 04 Jul 2003

I would be surprised if you are not running VM. In fact you would not be running without it.

If your defrag concluded ok then your VM area will not be fragmented so that should not be the problem.

I suspect Ironman is on the right track. You may have too many 'resources' active and this is filling up the Resource memory which is only 64K.

Check how many programs are loaded on your start menu and delete those you do not need or use regularly. In fact, with the low amount of memory you have, I would clear all but the essential stuff. You can always load from the program list or desktop shortcut. Also look at your taskbar. Can you remove something from there?


  jazzypop 23:00 04 Jul 2003

It could be a resource leak problem - click here - especially Part 3 of this series

  Bodi 08:08 05 Jul 2003

the following to your Windows/System.ini file


I've cut and pasted this from my own.

See if this solves your problem.


  Bodi 08:10 05 Jul 2003

Should read:- (under [vcache})





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