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  polish 19:46 22 Jul 2005

my mums phone is crackling buzzing but when disconnecting the sky lead from socket so that only the phone is connected the problem goes could this just be the extension from the socket to the sky box or a fault sky box any help appreciated

  stalion 20:00 22 Jul 2005

I thought you were supposed to leave sky connected to your phone line all the time

  Al94 20:03 22 Jul 2005

That is only a condition in the first year of a contract with Sky. After that it's up to you. Could be the extension or could be a fault in the box -

  polish 20:04 22 Jul 2005

the sky box is always connected but disconnected to help eliminate problem and narrowed down to two possabilities

  CurlyWhirly 20:08 22 Jul 2005

Does the Sky box have it's own filter?
If not this could be the cause of the problem.

  octal 20:13 22 Jul 2005

It could be the sky box phoning home this gives the terms and conditions click here just scroll down the page a bit. It maybe worth calling Sky and tell them what the problem is.

  woodchip 20:20 22 Jul 2005

bad connections make things crackle

  joethebow 23:40 22 Jul 2005

If you call sky they'll send out an engineer and then send you a £50 bill for the callout charge.

Things to try:

1. Replace the phone cable to the sky box.

2. Replace the ADSL filter or if one isn't fitted fit one.

3. Borrow a friends Sky box and try that, see if it still crackles.

If you need a new sky box you can pick one up cheaply on Ebay or even cheaper from a car boot. Lots of people dumping sky. I've seen Amstrad boxes going for less than £5.00!

Don't forget if you get a new box you'll have to call sky to get them to mate the new box to your viewing card. They'll need the serial numbers of both. It can take them up to 48 hours to activate the new setup.

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