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  Newbolt 21:23 07 Jun 2005

Good evening

Some advice on connections would be appreciated. I have a TV with twin scarts, VCR with the same, and digibox with the same. Have just bought a DVD recorder and want to connect it. The desired end is to be able to watch TV 'straight' as it were, to watch and record [on the DVD or the VCR]from the digibox, and record from the VCR and [not at the same time] on the DVD recorder. Currently the wiring at the back of the TV resmbles a snakes honeymoon, and it seems that I cannot access the digibox channels or the VCR. Any suggestions for a successful connection to cover the scart and co-ax cables to achieve what I would like to achieve would be sincerely appreciated.

It may not be possible for me to respond to any responses to this post this evening, as the TV is in use, but any suggestion will be tried in the morning and a response sent.

  Fred the flour grader 21:51 07 Jun 2005

I have had the same problem in the past Newbolt.

Bearing in mind I have a combined DVD/VCR here is how mine is set up.

Scart 1 (on tv) goes to scart marked (tv) 0n digi box.
A second scart runs from the digi box to a scart socket marked VCR in+out DVD out.

The external TV aeriel goes into DVD/VCR combi then back out to TV.
I have a Telewest digi box, this has a single input aeriel type cable from a box outside straight in to the Telewest digi box.

Hope this helps...Fred

  Sharpamatt 07:24 08 Jun 2005

first Id ensure that all items are not sending their signals on the same feq. Also that each item is fully retuned to include the previous boxs output

I, when connected in this manor have to tune one channel on VCR to the Output of the digbox.

then id ignore useing both connections unless your documenation states it allows thro ports.

Id daisy chain useing the TV as the last connection

I would connect digibox first, to VCR, then tune a spare channel on TV to VCR ( their is usally a test mode on VCR to allow you to do this ) I would then connect VCR to DVD and finally connect DVD to TV. Not forgetting you will need another spare channel on TV to tune Digibox to also the VCR will require a channel for the digibox

This should allow you to record on VCR but you may find if your recording from Digibox you cannot watch a different channel from the digibox. only teresteral channels, or use a DVD

  Newbolt 23:21 08 Jun 2005

Sharpamatt and Fred - thanks for your suggestions - I will try them. just home from work and back am - will post again on resolution [if achieved!].Thanks again.

  Kev.Ifty 23:55 08 Jun 2005

Hows this; Aerial To Digibox, co-axial from Digibox to VCR, co-axial from VCR to TV. This will allow TV pictures (either digital or terrestrial) to be watched and/or recorded.

Then scart from Digibox to DVD, scart from DVD to TV and finally scart from VCR to DVD.

As Sharpamatt says, you will have to tune a channel on the VCR 'to' the Digibox and on the TV.

You could though, also connect a scart from your Digibox to the VCR. Which should allow you to pick up the Digibox output on one of the VCR's AUX channels.

Have fun.......

  jack 08:43 09 Jun 2005

I had this problem -but ASDA came to the rescue for
a tenner.
A multi Scart connector the AUTO DETECTS the device in use and switches to that one- thus you do not get all the non-recording or ghosting problems .

This did give rise to recording Digi to VCR if both are put into the 'box'

So this is what I did

Main RF into digi - loopeed out to VCR looped out to TV.
VCR Scart to Digi
Digi to Switch box
DVD to switch box
Thus Digi and VCR are as one as far the switch box is concerned.

  Fred the flour grader 10:22 09 Jun 2005

Newbolt, Jack's idea is a good one. My mother in law uses the same set up. Make sure though you get the correct type, I think it's called auto switching is it not Jack? the one you don't want is the one with a "press button" switch on it. With this one you have to get up and physically change which component you are using (DVD/VCR/Digi-Box).

Far too physically demanding for a couch potato like myself.

  Newbolt 17:03 09 Jun 2005

Many thanks for all posts - for a techilliterate the multi scart sounds good - will head for Argos/Powerhouse. Will leave this post open for now - thanks again.

  jack 19:52 09 Jun 2005

Do make sure it is the AUTO version
the mechanical switch types will give rise to similar probs.
Also combine the Digi with the VCR thats the critical one.

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