Not a computer problem

  maz2 01:06 31 Jul 2004

But I wonder if anyone can help me as it's driving me mad and you are my last hope. It's a problem with a DVD player, I have it connected to my TV with a scart but the sound is very poor (very low in volume) I've tried 2 different players 2 different scart leads and tried switching between the scarts on the back of the TV set to no avail. I have a sky box and VCR in one scart socket and the DVD in the other, I just can't figure it out, I've tried all the settings, byt the way it's a Nican TV if that's any help also it's a Panasonic. If anyone has any ideas please let me know as I'm nearly throwing it out of the window

  inneedofhelp 01:27 31 Jul 2004

try plugging it into the scart socket which ure video is plugged into. if it works in there, then u know its the 2nd scart socket. If its the same, thne u know it either the scart lead,scart socket or the dvd player.
U Said uve already tried different scart leads so it cant be that.when u r playing a dvd, wiggle the scart lead near the socket on both the dvd player and tv. if that doesnt do anything then u know its not ure sockets.
This means its the dvd player. all dvd plyers have their own volume control. make sure this is fully up(not the tv, the dvd player itself). if they all fail, make sure the tv is tuned in properly and if all these fail, thne use the normal red/yellow cables which u should have connections on the back.front of ure tv and back of ure dvd player. If thats works, then u know u have a dodgy dvd/tv scart socket

  maz2 11:55 31 Jul 2004

I've tried all the suggestions, I've even tried 2 different DVD players, so goodness knows what it is, at the moment I've also got it connected with the red and white leads into the Hi Fi so that at least that way we can hear what is being played thanks for your help anyway, I'll just have to fiddle about a bit more Cheers

  jakimo 13:27 31 Jul 2004

you may get help under hardware section

click here

  SEASHANTY 13:38 31 Jul 2004

Presume you have also checked the sound output options in your DVD player menu. Most modern one's have a setup menu (similar to VCR's) for setting up the TV aspect ratio, language, sound, subtitles etc.,

  maz2 17:57 31 Jul 2004

Thanks I have imrpoved it a bit with the settings, and on looking on the video help forum I notice that there are a few comments that there is very poor sound through a scart cable, never mind It'll just have to stay like that Thanks for all your suggestions

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