Not complaining but where's all the spam??

  kenwyn 08:49 11 Feb 2009

My ISP here in New Zealand has a built in spam filter, so very little reaches my inbox. Although its NZTelecom, its actually Yahoo -based, so you can check on their server in case any deleted spam is actually genuine mail.For the past few days the deleted (spam)items have numbered from zero to three per day - usually its up in the fifties to seventies. Is this a worldwide phenomenon? as I understand spam by its very nature spreads globally. If so , any theories as to why?

  eedcam 09:09 11 Feb 2009

Well Inever get much more than a couple a day and never double figuresand thats only in Hotmail .If you get ave 50/70 thats Pathetic some Isp that is

  kenwyn 09:30 11 Feb 2009

No eedacm, I think you misunderstand- the ISP BLOCKS 50 - 70 usually

  Graphicool1 09:49 11 Feb 2009

Yes it is a bit like the lull before the storm, perhaps there's a spam tsunami coming! Hold on to your hat, batton down the hatches, board up the windows. Or just turn it all off and walk away for a few chance

  eedcam 11:25 11 Feb 2009

Afraid I did'nt misunderstand I dont get anything like that blocked.If I did I would be concerned as to how they got the address

  Graphicool1 11:40 11 Feb 2009

eedcam Hi your lucky then I guess you must either be a newbie or don't do much surfing?

  cocteau48 11:51 11 Feb 2009

Must say that my spam has virtually stopped as well(have probably put the kiss of death on that statement just by posting it!)
Never had any spam through my current ISP but still used to get about 5-a-day with my old Freeserve addy but over the past few weeks that has dropped to virtually nil.

  Noldi 12:21 11 Feb 2009

I had a lot of junk Monday morning when I tuned my computer on, most of it in French.


  Clapton is God 12:44 11 Feb 2009

"... but where's all the spam??"

I'm probably getting yours as well as my own. ;-((

  eedcam 19:00 11 Feb 2009

Graphical Newbie posibly only round 10years .Do alot of surfing but perhaps not where you go

  MAT ALAN 19:43 11 Feb 2009

Don't get any!!!

Xp Home SP3,Firefox3,Outlook express 6, Sky B/B...


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