Not coming on.........

  tlr 16:03 19 Feb 2010

My inlaws XP PC boots up, seemingly as normal, it then comes up with the welcome screen, you click 'admin' it says it is setting the personal settings, flashes the wallpaper of the PC and says it is logging out, we are then in a vicious circle of clicking admin and logging itself on then off.
I suspect a virus but as I can't log on, how do I prove or repair it for them
Your answers greatfully appreciated!!

  Technotiger 16:05 19 Feb 2010

Try starting in Safe mode, keep tapping F8 on startup, you should then be able to run your virus program.

  tlr 16:14 19 Feb 2010

Started up in safe mode and I get 2 log-in options admin and administrator both go through the same ritual as above

  birdface 16:16 19 Feb 2010

If an old computer make sure the air vents are clear of dust and fluff.If so inside will also need cleaning out.
But follow Technotiger's advice first.
If the security programs don't find anything try last good configuration or system restore to a time when it was running Ok.
[Safe mode.Just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts.]

  VoG II 16:20 19 Feb 2010

click here and scroll down to logon - logoff loop

  tlr 16:20 19 Feb 2010

It is a little bit older but the vents are clear, I cannot get to the security program as it does not go past log-in screen even in safe mode

  Technotiger 16:25 19 Feb 2010

If it was mine, I would remove the hard drive, place it in a USB enclosure, attach to my own PC and then throw all my anti-everything programs at the drive.

  birdface 16:27 19 Feb 2010

[It is a little bit older]
I don't suppose it was loosing the time or date was it.

  tlr 16:37 19 Feb 2010

VoG this sounds exactly where we are at, unfortunately I cannot find the XP disk so will have to try this later once we find it.

Much obliged

  tlr 16:38 19 Feb 2010

Technotiger, sounds a little deeper involved than I would have the savvy for.

Buteman timings seem to have been ok

  Technotiger 16:53 19 Feb 2010

Good luck with VoG™'s suggestion anyway, but if you do find that you need to try my way, it is not as complicated as it sounds, and we could always talk you through it - you would of course need a USB enclosure, like this or similar....

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