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Not a coder need wysiwyg bookings calender

  jacobjohn7 11:03 09 Aug 2016

Hope someone has some help for me.. cheers all. its for an holiday rental and rather than doing a big table with individual boxes for days.. which is what I can do.. got to be a more professional answer out there to drop in...

  jacobjohn7 19:05 09 Aug 2016

looked at this fallen at first hurdle as it doesnt have a calender option on settings? cheers

  jacobjohn7 21:55 09 Aug 2016

yes thats it.. that will be great.. I want it to be viewable to the public using my website though.. once created assume there will be a bit of html to insert? Just set it on public?

  jacobjohn7 22:05 09 Aug 2016

Cant see where code link would be? cheers

  jacobjohn7 23:07 09 Aug 2016

Cheers found it.. thanks for your help

  jacobjohn7 11:28 11 Aug 2016

Hi again.. Im getting to grips with this, editing and saving events.. and choosing a colour code for this.. which shows on google. but the version on my website all the colours are a mid pink colour? Any ideas Thanks

  jacobjohn7 13:03 11 Aug 2016

Ok thanks.. cheers

  jacobjohn7 22:45 12 Aug 2016

hi the subjects ie: booking arrows across dates are all light pink, but on the orginal can set them whatever colour.. strange that as it registers any changes but not colours.? must be a limitation? cheers/

  jacobjohn7 22:49 12 Aug 2016

ps you may be able to help with an ongoing problem I have setting out tables with 3 columns and multiple rows set out... as I'm populating these with rollover buttons they do weird things like random spacing between rows and sometimes one of them suddenly cm. lower than rest of line.. i cant work it out.. as on the working file on dreamweaver its all snug and correct..?? cheers any way of locking a table into place?

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