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Not able to send or receive emails via Thunderbird

  RISC OS user 19:41 06 Apr 2016

When using Thunderbird I am unable to receive emails from various friends, but get all the messages from the various companies most of whom I have agreed to receive emails. All my out-going mail never reaches any of the intended recipients. The email end up in the sent box as they should. I only noticed this problem over the last one or two weeks, If I send the email from Yahoo direct then they arrive and I can also read their replies in Yahoo. I am not aware of having made any changes to the setting in Thunderbird or where they might be!. I am using Thunderbird 38.7.2 the latest. My outgoing server is Plusnet via port 25 and the incoming is Port 995 UserName xxxxx Connection security SSL/TLS; Normal Password, Windows 8.1, Windows Firewall, Windows Defender. Does anyone have any ideas what is wrong?

  RISC OS user 10:13 07 Apr 2016

I can send emails from my gmail account and that arrives in Thunderbird, also same applies with Plusnet mail!!!!

  Ashrich 10:29 07 Apr 2016

why don't you send your mail via Yahoo as well as receive ? You can still do this from Thunderbird and can keep copies on Yahoo , or you could use Plusnet for both , mixing them sounds a bit odd . Yahoo pop3 server requires port 995 with ssl enabled ...smtp is 465 or 587 with both ssl and tls enabled . Ashley

  Ashrich 10:39 07 Apr 2016

click here for further info . According to Yahoo mail central you can only have pop or mail forwarding , if fordwarding is on pop won't work .


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