Not able to scan

  emily66 17:41 17 Sep 2011

Hi I keep getting a blue screen usually after about 15 mins of use and especially when I try to scan. I'm unable to turn on windows security centre. Currently I can only use it in safe mode and I've tried system restore. I'm completly at a loss as I've not got a clue with technical stuff so any advice would be appreciated.

  northumbria61 19:55 17 Sep 2011

Go into the control panel then administrative tools and open up services and look for Security center and make sure the start up type is automatic (delayed) and then if its not started start it.

  northumbria61 19:56 17 Sep 2011

For the blue screen I would suggest you first run malwarebytes and superantispyware

  emily66 12:04 18 Sep 2011

Thanks so much. I switched on security centre and then started Malwarebytes which scanned for a while it found 2 threats but before the end it went to blue screen. When I restarted, security centre was off again I immediately restarted it and it went straight to blue screen. I've tried in normal and safe mode both go to blue screen which states IRQLNOTLESSOREQUAL it used to state PFNListCorrupt. I tried updating Malwarebytes but it would immediatly go to blue screen.

  birdface 12:31 18 Sep 2011

For some reason Malwarebytes sometimes shows microsoft security center as Trojans. If you quarantine them it switches the Security center off.

If you scan with Malwarebytes with them switched off it does not pick up any problems but switch them back on and Malwarebytes finds the same 3 problems.

If this is the case just ignore the problems that Malwarebytes finds.

If that is not the case when you run Malwarebytes and it finds any problems stop it from running and delete any problems found.

Next time you are in safe mode do a last good configuration which sometimes helps.

Also check in Device Manager and see if any yellow exclamation marks beside any of the drivers.

If you have one driver not digitally signed that may be the cause of the problems.

When in safe mode with networking download and run this.

If it finds any bad problems remove them you will have to activate the 30 day trial before it will remove them

  emily66 16:32 18 Sep 2011

Hi I got rid of the above threats by using safe mode and stopping the scan before it finished and removing them. After reboot I tried malwarebytes and it went to blue again. So I scanned in safe mode and removed the following; Worm:MarioFev Trojan Fake Alert Rootkit.0A.X.Gen Which were removed. After rebooting I tried AVG but it went to blue screen in normal and safe modes I cannot scan or update AVG. I still cannot use any scans in normal mode without it going to blue screen. Security centre seems to be running okay now so thats good. Thanks for all the advice any more ideas would be welcome.

  northumbria61 23:02 18 Sep 2011

emily66 - can you just confirm exactly what it is you are trying to do? Your heading "Not Able to Scan" ? Is it AVG you are trying to a scan with and is that what you think is the cause of your problem by saying I cannot scan or update AVG. I still cannot use any scans in normal mode without it going to blue screen What version of AVG do you have?

This explains the error message that is causing your blue screen - enter link description here Have you tried "Last Known Good Configuration" as suggested by buteman ?

  emily66 11:44 19 Sep 2011

Hi thanks again to both of you I'm sorry I've not been very specific.

I have AVG which is the free edition version 10.0.1392. When I first posted I couldn't scan with anything (AVG , malwarebytes or spybot) and security centre was off. Everytime I scanned or tried to update any of them it went to blue screen.

After your advice I turned on security centre which told me to update AVG but I couldn't. So I downloaded superantispyware, the latest malwarebytes and the latest AVGfree onto my daughters netbook and transfered them onto my computer.

In safe mode I scanned using malwarebytes and superantispyware which went to blue screen before completion of scan. I had to stop superantispyware during the scan to remove the problems before it went blue but I did an un-interrupted scan after and it said no infections I also scanned again with malwarebytes which reported no problems. All this was in safe mode when I tried to scan in normal mode both scans went to blue screen.

I tried AVG next which needed updating but even in safe mode it went to blue screen whenever I tried to update or run it. I tried to install the latest free edition and again it went to blue screen.

I have done system restore and last good configuration but the problems kept happening. In safe mode I downloaded and ran Hitman Pro which found several problems. I activated the free trial and dealt with the problems it found.

Then in normal mode I updated AVG to version 10.0.1410 successfully which then un-installed and re-installed itself. After reboot I ran a scan with AVG and it scanned all the way through and it found nothing.

I can't thank you both enough I thought it was ready for the scrapheap but all seems well now again thanks so very much.

  northumbria61 13:31 19 Sep 2011

From what you say emily66 it appears that AVG has been the problem and most likely due to an update not completing. Pleased to hear all is now going well.

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