Not able to "Reply" successfully from virgin email

  cheddarpaul 22:21 05 Oct 2007

Hi there everyone and this may be a strange problem. An old (aged) friend of mine has started to get a problem where if he clicks "Reply" to my emails, they get bounced back to him with an error (he cant explain the error as hes a technophobe). He can send me a mail directly but not able to use "Reply".

Anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks in advance

  eedcam 23:01 05 Oct 2007

Tell him to make sure His correct address is shown in the From box before he clicks send,

  cheddarpaul 09:06 06 Oct 2007

Hi there and thanks

I have spoken to him this morning and he promises me (I aint there so have to believe him) that his email addy is correct....

Any other ideas???

  eedcam 09:27 06 Oct 2007

Fraid not the reason I mentioned the address is when you click on reply sometimes if you have another address in your account that can come up in the from box instead of your main one .If he has more than one check the dropdown on the corner of the from line just to make sure.Failing that you really need to se the error message can you not talk him through print screen and paste then he could emeil it to you

  Stuartli 12:12 06 Oct 2007

eedcam is quite correct about the "From" e-mail address if your friend has more than one personal e-mail address.

If an e-mail is sent to other than your Default e-mail address (i.e. that of your current ISP) and you Reply to it, then the "From" line will include the secondary personal e-mail address.

This has to be changed to the Default personal e-mail address via the drop down menu.

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