Digital 19:07 02 Apr 2008

I have Noscript as an add-on to Firefox (v. It appears to have stopped working but if I try to uninstall it, it says it will be uninstalled the next time F'fox is restarted only it isn't. Anyone else had probs with Noscript?

  skidzy 21:07 02 Apr 2008

Where are you trying to remove noscript from ?

Remove it from your addons;

Tools / Addons,you may have to remove it while in safemode.

  Digital 21:10 02 Apr 2008

Thanks skidzy, I'll try that.

  Digital 10:51 03 Apr 2008

No, wouldn't uninstall even in Safe mode. Noscript doesn't offer support. Anyone got any ideas please?

  johndrew 11:32 03 Apr 2008

Try reinstalling over the top. If there is a broken file it should repair it. Hopefully it will then uninstall.

  skidzy 20:30 03 Apr 2008

i know where your coming from with trying to uninstall NoScript,i had a similar issue.

I take it you have tried uninstalling from the Addons ?

Try this uninstaller click here though again you may need to try in safemode.

Just for reference once Noscript has been removed,try Adblockplus click here

  Digital 22:33 03 Apr 2008

Thanks skidzy. I tried reinstalling but that failed several times & it won't uninstall from Addons; says it will next time F'fox is restarted but doesn't. It doesn't appear on the Control Panel Add/Remove list. I might try that freeware but I'm wary of it, have you used it?

  skidzy 18:47 04 Apr 2008

Revo is totally sound,yes ive used it several times.Though not guaranteed to work but is an option for you.

I had problems getting rid of NoScript but did eventually in safemode.

You could try uninstalling Firefox and reinstall.

  octal 18:56 04 Apr 2008

I think the best route would be to delete the Mozilla profile folder and reinstall all your Addons again, make sure you back up your Bookmarks first because you will lose them if you don't.

click here

  Digital 19:23 04 Apr 2008

Thank you both. I'll try Revo, if that doesn't work I might just live with it. I'd rather not reinstall F'fox.

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