Norton/Symantec update problems

  Dellman 23:43 25 Mar 2006

I've got Symantec Norton Internet Security 2004 and my subsription is up to date (renewed until 09/06). It has run fine for 18months

The update for the virus definitions are now not being automatically picked up. I get an error message LU1875. I go to their help site. One reason given is possibly a virus. But I've gone through their suggestion to remove such and the virus is not on my pc. Next they suggest I manually update, it worked yesterday, but not today, and the auto update for the deinitions still doesn't work.

Anyone come across this problem?

  Furkin 11:16 26 Mar 2006

I had a similar problem with 2005 (subs paid till 2007).
After weeks of trying to stabilise, I ended up getting rid of Norton.
Not only was it letting things in, it also wouldn't get rid of them,,,, & I couldn't get any help at all directly from Symantec.
This is no good when you pay for a product,,,, I only expected it to work !
Sorry I can't help

  freaky 11:44 26 Mar 2006

I had NIS 2004 and had no problems with it apart from when I set up a wired Network.

A few months ago when it came up for renewal I uninstalled it.

I then installed AVG on both PC's plus the Kerio Firewall. Have had no problems with either so far - touch wood !

  citadel 17:32 26 Mar 2006

Was there not an option to dowload a new version of live update, this solves update problems.

  Dellman 22:30 26 Mar 2006


Where can I find this?

  Dellman 09:47 27 Mar 2006

Where can I get a new version of Live update??

  J B 10:38 27 Mar 2006

I had a problem with my version of the updater, Norton gave me a warning message when I opened it and it directed me to their online tech trouble shooter and told me to download a newer version of the live updater. This was all done thru Norton's window marked "Item Details". If you recieved such a warning Norton will fix it for you. Mine has worked fine ever since. J.B.

  J B 10:43 27 Mar 2006

One other thing, if you want to use Symantec Auto Fix open NAV and click on to Help and Support and it will take you to Auto Fix. J.B.

  Yokel 12:02 27 Mar 2006

From 'downloads' on click here
under 'Home &Home Office' see 'Install& Run LiveUpdate'

You might want to look at the 'Norton 2004 recent updates' thread in Digital World forum.

  Lettervanman 12:10 27 Mar 2006

I had to get latest version of live update even though I had just installed NIS2006!
I have had no problems since,AV updates two or three times in one day sometimes.

  Grambo 18:20 01 Apr 2006

Am I going mad....looked at that page and could not see the live update link (which i now need)

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