Norton/Symantec support (?) Completely U/S

  compumac 17:13 16 Jan 2007

I have been a Norton/Symantec fan and user for the past twenty years and have noted the adverse comments in this forum in respect of Symantec.
In January 2005 I upgraded to Systemworks Premier 2005 from Systemworks 2003 and had problems – support was virtually non existent
Early last year I also had horrendous problems with Systemworks Premier 2006 and Norton Internet Security 2006. Trying to get help from Symantec was like talking to yourself. I stated by e-mail to their Helpline(?) quite clearly - my setup, the fully detailed problem and the actions that I had taken up to that moment in time. They replied by suggesting the very first thing that I had indicated I had already done, - and then further replies from them went through all of the things that I had indicated to them that I had done.
In the end I recalled a Ghost image created a month before and everything has gone OK until last week.

I wrote to the Head Office explaining the events and my dissatisfaction - No reply.

I am now in a similar position with a problem and their helpline is going through exactly the same scenario as before. I had their last reply six days ago (indicating that I had 7 days to reply) asking for further information that in fact was already in their possession. I replied immediately re-outlining the full picture six days ago with no response whatsoever. This despite a further four e-mails to them.

There was a time when you could actually converse with a person who knew the software, rather than now corresponding with someone in another country whose knowledge appears to be obtained by referring to a crib sheet at that particular moment.

My subscription to Norton expired three days ago and if there is no effective reply from them by the end of the week - ALL my Symantec software goes in the bin!

It would be interesting to know if people from Norton/Symantec peruse the forums for feedback on their software or are they too big a company to worry about the repeated criticism expressed on those forums?
How do you get their attention?

  [email protected] 17:22 16 Jan 2007

after i had a problem with my security, after removing nis 07, i contacted them (was still paid up for 6 months & didnt tell them i had uninstalled!!) they checked my pc over remotely and gave me a lot of time they didnt charge for this, so i am delighted with their service.
but this doesnt help your problem and i have heard if you dont have a live paid up subscription with then they blatently ignore you! never contacted them by phone always e-mail.
hope you get it sorted out, adam

  Jimmy14 17:42 16 Jan 2007

Sorry to hear of your complaint. Why not try using their live chat service which has proved good for me and my issues in the past,
click here

  compumac 17:55 16 Jan 2007

Thanks for reply - I did try this on a previous occasion but my typing speed and thinking do not work hand in glove. The scenario was a bit laborious at the time. I will try if I do not get a reply by e-mail. - Although, with respect to yourself, I do not see that their live chat will be any better than the so far methodical detailed e-mails.

  Kingfisher 18:47 16 Jan 2007

I ditched Norton for the very same reasons, they will refund your money so get that back first, I am now using AVG security suite and have had no problems

  Lettervanman 19:37 16 Jan 2007

I have to agree,my last problem was met with the same sort of emails from god knows where. Very basic reply and had not read my detailed explanation of the problem.
I have used Norton for years and have never had a nasty on my computer,but having said that,it can be a real pig if it goes faulty.
Makes you wonder if they are getting to big to care!

  compumac 19:51 16 Jan 2007

You have confirmed the basic problem with Syamntec helpline - They do not read the e-mail problem in any detail, but seem to select one portion of it and answer that particular point from a standard set of replies. I firmly believe that they do not have any working knowledge/comprehension of the workings of the software at all, but reply from a standard script. It would be great if someone from Syamantec/Norton could respond to these comments, as the responses from e-mail contact are useless and now seemingly non existent.
Oh.. back to the days when you could SPEAK to a person who had a working knowledge of the product they are representing.

  p;3 21:05 16 Jan 2007

you are due to lose norton in three days?
if you are going to go for a more user friendly av program you need to ensure that ALL of norton has been removed from the computer
I am of the impression that very few forumites are in favour OF norton

??what have you decided to do?

  compumac 21:16 16 Jan 2007

I liked SystemWorks for its Antivirus, Ghost and System Doctor. I had previously removed Norton Internet Security as there were problems with that and replaced it with Zone Alarm. I did not install GoBack as there terrible problems on installation (with which Norton could offer no help) I can still retain Ghost by itself, and use another Antivirus programme. I shall just miss the System Doctor part of it which displayed bits of information on the performance etc of the PC, as well as the defragmentation process it offered. - however I think that I became a little paranoid about that aspect. I shall wait to see if there is any response from them by the weekend and then remove Systemworks apart from Ghost.

  compumac 09:11 17 Jan 2007

Any further comments? - especially from someone from Norton/Symantec. We are now on day seven without reply from Norton.

  Furkin 14:23 17 Jan 2007

I was only with them for about 5 years,,,, but as it was letting viruses in,,,, & again - no help at all - I demanded a refund.
I'm one of the few who did actually get my money back.
We all expect things to go wrong with anything - but it's the way that things get rectified that separates the good from the garbage.
I dumped all my Symantec stuff after that.
good luck

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