Nortons Internet Security

  Baslla321 12:15 24 Jan 2005

Each time I log on I get Zone Alarm telling me that Symantec Network Proxy Server 'ccProxy.exe ' is trying to access the internet. I click 'allow', but I was wondering if anyone knows whether it is essential to access the internet. Is it a spyware? Can I disable it or stop it with ZA?. Have been trying to ask Symantec support this question but after several futile attempts, I am fed UP !

  GaT7 02:27 25 Jan 2005

Do you have Norton Internet Security (NIS) installed?

If you are, running 2 firewalls is NOT recommended. Please uninstall one of them. I'm surprised you're not experiencing more conflicts!

About ccProxy.exe: click here. What you'd like to check is whether it's running from the folder in the link. If you don't have NIS installed (or never have) then it could be spyware/trojan/etc & must be removed. G

  Baslla321 06:48 25 Jan 2005

Crossbow7..... many thanks. Yes I have NIS. Its good but a bit heavy. I have 256 Ram and maybe should put in another 256. I have a Dell Dimension 4600 2.66GHZ.I did stop the firewall as I have ZA. T will just let be. Rgds.

  ARomeo 16:37 25 Jan 2005

Baslla, I have used Norton for the past three years. First things first, Norton are the industry leaders when it comes to brand name and number of customers but if you look at the antivirus ratings for the past five years (I think) they are well below other brands. This year they are 7th.

Norton himself was a very very savvy guy but now Symantec have become as bloated as their software. I have a BRAND NEW laptop top of the range that came preinstalled with Norton Internet Security 2004 and even though it's free for three months today I bought Kapersky. Only slightly dearer but so much more worth it.

Norton hogs your memory so much you are unable to do anything unless your machine has LOADS of RAM. My laptop has a 1.8 GHz Centrino and when Norton is disabled (offline of course). It runs like a dream.

Don't get me wrong they are Symantec are not evil but you are definitely not getting good value for your money. Did you know for instance that LIve Update only updates the virus definitions but if there is an update of Norton itself it doesn't tell you?

Go to CNet reviews and follow an article there about Norton et al. Here is the link to the main article but go on to the posts that follow.
click here

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