Nortons antivirus quarantine back up problem

  ray27 14:48 27 Jul 2004

In the quarantine section of nortons antivirus there are 3 back up files

Two are zip files an one is a load[1].html

The two zip files have W32.netsky.P after them and the load[1].html has MHTMLRedir.Ex after it
I assume these are files that have been infected with a virus.

Nortons says that you should delete The load[1].html file if you are satisfied that your system is working ok.

The 2 zip files is says should be unpacked and checked but I cannot locate where they are.

Norton’s say that they are in C:/Document and Settings but I have looked in there and still cant find them .

I have also tried the Search without any luck.

Should I just assume that it is safe to delete these Items without unpacking them?

Any advice would be very welcome as usual

  johnnyrocker 14:57 27 Jul 2004

i would think so (unless someone knows better) i would think they cant be found as they are in quarantine and with an end of netsky i would say definately dodgy.


  sattman 15:11 27 Jul 2004

Delete all three.

  ray27 18:27 27 Jul 2004

I have taken your advice and deleted the 3 items

many thanks

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