saddler1962 22:51 26 Nov 2005

Help.......just had problems with my nortons security and have to wipe it off and reinstall. trouble is my pc had preinstalled software and i havent got a disc. having only just paid the 12 month subscription I have the subscription number etc, but no nortons disc. Is there a site that i can d/load nortons and allow me to enter my subscription number so i can carry on. OR have i got to buy disc, if so have i lost my subscription???

  Diodorus Siculus 23:10 26 Nov 2005

Call it a day with Norton and take a few of the free options:

Avast AV from click here

Sygate Personal Firewall - click here

a few anti-spywares like AdAware, Spybot Search & Destroy and Spyware Blaster

  rdave13 23:15 26 Nov 2005

I'm afraid I agree with Diodorus Siculus and Avast is excellent(free version for home users).

Zone alarm is also a free firewall, microsoft anti spyware beta is another good free progran.

Norton who?

  Diodorus Siculus 23:17 26 Nov 2005

Rdave13 - don't be afraid about agreeing with me. Most reasonable people do ;-)

  rdave13 23:19 26 Nov 2005

I'm being unreasonable..I'm afraid ;)

  saddler1962 19:18 27 Nov 2005

Cheers gents. Are these 'true' free progs or trial versions where they later ask for payment

  scareybus 19:29 27 Nov 2005

Several other free trials are available click here
I am using the CA free 1 year trial. IMHO, it's better than Norton.

  saddler1962 19:48 27 Nov 2005

are u running the anti virus and firewall scareybus? will it conflict if i were to use differen brand firewall and anti virus.

  driving man 20:22 27 Nov 2005

perhaps this might help or at least lead you in the correct direction before doing what others have advised eg Avastclick here

  Diodorus Siculus 22:25 27 Nov 2005

Avast and the other I suggest are truly free - free now and there seems no reason to suggest that they might start to charge for them.

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