norton wont delete two files

  sidandlil 19:51 28 May 2007

Hi I have norton internet security 2004 which i pay annually for updates so it is up to date.
I have recently found two files when scanning my computer which will not delete. they are asmps.dll and ams.exe, which according to Norton are high risk adware. I have tried a few times but still the same result. How can I rid my pc of these please, and why won't Norton do it for me?. thanx in advance.

  MAJ 19:54 28 May 2007

Try running a scan with Superantispyware click here chances are it will remove it for you.

  SANTOS7 19:56 28 May 2007

if you have KAZAA or GROKSTER progs on your PC it is related to them as ADWARE.TOPSEARCH delete the progs you should then be able to delete the files in question...

  johndrew 19:57 28 May 2007

Start your PC in Safe Mode and run Norton again. Sometimes anti-malware programs can`t do their job because the `nasty` is running; in Safe Mode the minimum software is started.

Or you could look for the two items in Task Manager and stop them and then run Norton.

  gudgulf 20:44 28 May 2007

Something else to bear in mind is that although you think you are fully up to date you are really only running current definition files.Your subscription does not upgrade the features/capabilities of the the core program.

Norton will happily let you pay for updated definitions to outdated software.........the actual program itself is only updated by installing the latest version EVERY YEAR.

It may well be that although you can detect the problem the 2004 version is not capable of removing it.

SuperantiSpyware should sort you out.......and next time your subscription to Norton comes up,do NOT renew it.

Instead uninstall it and buy the latest version of the whole suite.

Or investigate one of the alternative suites.

  sidandlil 20:52 28 May 2007

MAJ I have downloaded Superantispyware and run it. it found 25 files and quarantined them, but not the ones I am trying to remove.

SANTOS7, I dont have kazaa or Grokster on my pc so it isnt them.

gudgulf, very interesting, I was not going to renew next year anyway as i now believe it slows the pc down. iwas going to try avast free version which people seem to recommend and zonealarm firewall. as i said to MAJ, I have run superantispyware and it has not found them.

johndrew, I cant find them in task manager so will have a try in safe mode tomorrow.

thanks to you all for your suggestions so far

  gudgulf 21:01 28 May 2007

When Norton detects the files,does it give their location on you drive?

If so post the locations on the forum..........If not have you tried doing a manual search using Windows own Search utility?

If you can locate them try manually deleting them.

  sidandlil 21:21 28 May 2007

hi gudgulf. the locations given are
asm.exe in C:\Documents and Settings\my name\Local Settings\Temp\

and asmps.dll in same location.

I have tried a search in windows but it fails to find anything so i cant manually delete them.

thanks again.

what about switching Norton off and installing another antivirus to see what it finds, or is that a daft idea?

  VoG II 21:24 28 May 2007

You may need to enable viewing of hidden files and folders:

1. Click Start.
2. Click My Computer.
3. Select the Tools menu and click Folder Options.
4. Select the View Tab.
5. Under the Hidden files and folders heading select Show hidden files and folders.
6. Click Yes to confirm.
7. Uncheck the Hide file extensions for known file types.
8. Click OK.

Search for Hidden Files
By default, the Search companion does not search for hidden files. Because of this, you may be unable to find files, even though they exist on the drive.

To search for hidden or system files in Windows XP:

Click Start, click Search, click All files and folders, and then click More advanced options.

Click to select the Search hidden files and folders check boxes.

Once you have found them, if they won't delete then use this click here

  sidandlil 21:38 28 May 2007

VOG, I have done as you said for XP and found them in winzip.I have extracted the files to my docs and deleted them to the recycle bin. dont have the time now but will try norton again tomorrow and see what materialises. will it be safe to delete them fully afterwards or should I leave them there?

thanks so much to you all, fingers crossed

  VoG II 21:46 28 May 2007

If everything works for a day or so then you can safely delete them from the bin.

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