Norton A/V and MailWasher...

  AngeTheHippy 08:27 06 Jun 2003

will it work together? I have XP, Norton 2002 a/v and am SICK SICK SICK of all the spam I get -at LEAST 20 each bally day! Yeah, I know I cld help things a lot by changing my e-mail addy, but that in itself is a pain isn't it... Norton is doing a good job stopping worms etc., so won't obviously ditch it - but this spam is getting me down... Msg subject example: >> Mrs Xxxx, enlarge YOUR penis... well, I didn't have one last time I looked.

Pls advise,

  Andsome 09:13 06 Jun 2003

If you have any doubts at all install Spam Pal. I can vouch for it as being ABSOLUTELY first class. A Google search just entering 'Spam pal' will take you to the download site. It is guaranteed to run with Norton. It is also on a PCA disc from a month or two ago.

  Andsome 09:18 06 Jun 2003

PS. I received 41 Spam today, and Spam Pal sent them all straight to the Spam Folder. When opened up you can quickly look down the list, and if they are all indeed spam just click control A, and delete them all with one click. If any genuine e-mail get in there in error, that sender can be whitelisted for the future, and any senders which are not stopped can be blacklisted for the future. Within a week nothing unwanted will be getting through. Some programs can delete proper e-mails in error, but as I have said, with Spam pal you get a chance to have a quick look first.

  Andsome 09:19 06 Jun 2003

Well done, obviously another well satisfied user.

  AngeTheHippy 12:38 07 Jun 2003

just downloaded SpamPal, will install and report on how well it works in a few days.

Thanks both of you, for your help.


  Andsome 09:11 08 Jun 2003

Explore the options well. Right click on the small item at bottom right hand corner. The help files are extremely good.

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