Norton Update hasnt worked for two days

  Rob_08 13:30 05 Nov 2010

Is anyone else having issues updating Norton Internet Security 2010 / 11 in the last few days ?
I havent been able to get any updates or get onto the Help forum to ask, or pretty much andy Norton site , its all down. !!

  sunnystaines 14:07 05 Nov 2010

just tested norton 360 all ok

  961 14:30 05 Nov 2010

Looks like you may have a virus

See if you can download and run free Malwarebytes

The free version will do just fine

click here

  ventanas 14:39 05 Nov 2010

No it's not a virus. I have had the same issue with three different machines. They can't all be infected.
It seems to update ok if you leave it to do it itself, but if you try to force it it fails.
Also same as you I couldn't get on the web site on Wednesday, haven't tried since., will have a go tonight. OK here at work.

  Rob_08 14:48 05 Nov 2010

Hi ventanas,
Thanks for the verification ,its been driving me insane and the Indian norton support wasnt much use either. And i cant even access the help forum here:

click here

Oh and thanks to sunnystaines and 961 .

By the way i read that this was affecting Orange ISP users ( like myself) yep poor me another indian call centre to deal with.
Not that i have anything against anyone anywhere , its just that the call centres are so hard to get the mesage through to.
Frustrating thats all !!!

  ventanas 14:51 05 Nov 2010

OK, that settles it, I'm Orange as well.
Did you get anywhere with them? I've just changed from their Siemens router to a Netgear. I wonder if this is anything to do with it.

  961 15:13 05 Nov 2010

how much are you paying for this service.......?

  Rob_08 15:16 05 Nov 2010

Hi ventanas ,
nope got nowhere with orange, you know how they are.... "run checks on your pc" etc... they never admit anything. And the time they take Norton 2014 will be out.

  ventanas 15:22 05 Nov 2010

That's because they read from a crib sheet and have no knowledge whatsosever about that they are doing. Just go down the list despite what carnage they cause on the way.
In my experience that are just not worth ringing.
But you can request a call from a UK based technician (based in Darlington) It will be in their own time, but better than India. Call customer services and see how you get on.
If this issue continues I might turn off the router firewall. I haven't checked the situation since Wednesday and will be out tonight. It will hnave to be tomorrow.

  ventanas 15:23 05 Nov 2010

Sorry 961, not with you, What service do you mean?

  Rob_08 15:37 05 Nov 2010

OK i just called Orange on an 0800 number and surprise surprise was told "if there is a problem with Orange being blocked by Norton you will have to contact Norton". Isnt that truly the worst support ever ?

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