Norton uninstalled - now no incoming mail

  Graham. 12:10 17 Sep 2007

A friend has uninstalled Norton antivirus because it was out of date, and installed AVG Free.

He now reports an error message when checking for new mail, along the lines 'Remote server failed to respond in a timely fashion'. Any connection, please?

  Graham. 12:39 17 Sep 2007

Further information: the error message contains the letters AVG.

  birdface 12:44 17 Sep 2007

Did your friend use the Norton removal tool to remove it.Or did he just use Add remove.

  Graham. 12:47 17 Sep 2007

I would imagine Add/Remove.

  EARLR 12:52 17 Sep 2007

Then it´s not really gone. He should use the Norton removal tool.
I think is available on their site.

Good Luck

  Graham. 12:55 17 Sep 2007

Does he need to get it back, and how? System Restore?

  birdface 13:03 17 Sep 2007
  birdface 13:05 17 Sep 2007

Sorry I should have said just run the tool.Then C Cleaner.

  brundle 15:04 17 Sep 2007

Disable AVG email scanning entirely, reboot the PC.
Go into the email client, select the email account, make sure the SMTP server is not set to - find out the correct SMTP setting for your friend's ISP. Reboot again (this is to make sure Norton's old settings and AVG's new settings don't interfere while you correct the problem).
Re-enable AVG email scanning.

  brundle 15:05 17 Sep 2007

Check the POP3 server name too

  Graham. 15:12 17 Sep 2007

Thanks, noted. He's gone out now, so will report on progress later.

I'll get him to uninstall AVG entirely, he'll find that easier. If that restores email, I can send him the links and instructions.

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