Norton Sytem Works 2003

  Andsome 10:15 07 Nov 2004

I have Norton System Works set for automatic live update, and this has operated several times in the last week, as the idiot virus writers must have been busy. This morning the little lantern bottom right of the screen started to flash, and went on for some time. I thought that this must be an unusually large download. When it was still flashing about ten minutes later I decided to double click it. A window told me that updates were available and did I want to download them. It was indeed a larger than usual download, and required a reboot and second visit for a further download. My configuration is still set for automatic update. I have never had this happen before, the program just gets on and does what it wants to without my intervention. No problems as far as I am concerned, but I just wondered if anyone else had this happen.

  bremner 12:09 07 Nov 2004


It seems the WMI update is big and requires a reboot - had the same on three machines in the alst few days.

  Andsome 12:23 07 Nov 2004

The thing that puzzled me was that I was first asked if I wanted to download and install. Normally it happens automatically.

  Andsome 14:38 07 Nov 2004

[Could the update have been for parental controls? This is set to notify you before dowloading by default.]

I don't honestly know. I don't have any parental controls set.

  Andsome 15:01 07 Nov 2004

No parental controls are set. I have never used them. All downloads until today have been automatic. There is no problem, I just wondered if I was alone with this phenomenon.

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