Norton Systemworks slows computer

  toni b 13:17 21 Aug 2003

I have just installed System works 2003 and I now wish to speak to others whom have used it.After several hours I finally got it runnning with no problems well almost ( my virus automatic update)wont enable (I Have set task scheduler as suggested by Norton website) but no joy.
My hard disk on my laptop always seems to be active could this be disk optimiser??????
My internet connection is a little slower does system works change anything that i can change back?????I was very happy with the adjustments made with MTU metioned in Sept issue. Is GO BACK better than System restore if so is it recommended to turn it off??????if any one has any other recommendations To improve my experince with system works please tell me
Thanks Toni B

  xania 14:21 21 Aug 2003

One of the probelms of AV software is that it takes some of the resources to work - hence a slow-down. You can't have it both ways, and protection is a small price to pay for speed. So far as the rest is concerned, I have found that, when (rarely) and systemworks install goes wrong, there's hell to pay, which is why I always mirror my HD first and can go back and try again; also, if there are any problems already with the OS, this will exacerbate them. Systemworks need a decent OS installation for optimal performance. Also, if you have already installed Systemworks, and try to install over-the-top, expect problems. Far safer to uninstall, delete all Norton folders wherever you find them and then re-install afresh.

  toni b 17:00 21 Aug 2003

I was happy to use my system restore points to go back to config before installation of system works but to my surprise they had been deleted,I can only assume this was done when using one of the tools in Systemworks such as the cache cleaner or something similar.My internet browsing was almost like lightning but I now find it quite sluggish any sugestions in how to improve this, any help would be gratefully recieved.

Thanks Toni

  toni b 19:43 21 Aug 2003

Ok I have discovered that Systemworks use a lot of resources so i have uninstalled some of the utilities and my com performance is now back to normal (almost).So I am a little happier.

  xania 21:12 21 Aug 2003

Yes - you don't needs to monitor everything tht's going on all the time, and you can proably stop a lot of the things that Systemworks wants to load in msconfig. BUt, having said this, I still thing its the best thing around at present.....although I'll bet there's many would disagree.

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