norton systemworks causing errors

  lelole 19:06 09 May 2003

I installed noton systemworks, immediately after installing internet security. I did not install the antivirus from the systemworks disk as the internet one had already put it on for me. However I cannot open the systemworks main page (although I can open the sections individually), without an error message saying"nmain has caused an error in 3DFX16V3.DRV" and then closes systemworks. Not a dramatic problem since I can open the programs anyway, but it's bit annoying. If any kind soul has any clue what the problem is, I would be grateful!!!


it might help to instal them the other way around , have you tried the symantec techsupport

  lelole 19:16 09 May 2003

did not think of either of those options!!!

will try them ;)

  -pops- 06:21 10 May 2003

If you successfully remove SystemWorks, you may be best to leave it that way. Well known cause of unnecessary worry and panic amongst its users as well as interfering with all sorts of things which should be of no concern of it - much like a nosy neighbour.

Install the antivirus and firewall, consign the rest to the bin.

  Derek 07:39 10 May 2003

Norton has build an empire by doing things correctly. I've been using Norton ,Symantec for some twenty years and more, I've had problems yes but, they have been my fault just about every time.
"When all else fails, then read the instructions".
The help system is complicated but is very good if you persevere, meanwhile,
1. Uninstall all via the Control panel all Norton and Symantec entries. Say "Yes" to all if boxes come up.
2. Go to "Search" or "Find" then type Norton and 'send' to waste bin.
3. Go to search or find again and type in Symantec and delete to the waste bin.
4. Repeat the process to confirm all has gone and if neccesary, clear out once again.
5. Open up Win Explorer and do a visual check of your hard drive.

You should now be clean.
Reload System Works and choose "Typical" and accept the "Defaults".
Follow this up with other Norton/Symantec products, the programmes will recognise duplications and advise you accordingly.

Once fully loaded and not altered away from the 'default', do a "Utilities" clean up and a "Clean Sweep". You should now have a safe and working system but remember, don't alter things if you're not quite sure what you're doing, come back to these help pages for further sorting.

It is assumed that you have either Win 98 or ME.

Best of luck. DM

  -pops- 08:12 10 May 2003

There are a large number of people who feel the same as I do about Norton programs.

lelole is aready experiencing problems and it isn't even installed properly yet.

  jimv7 08:13 10 May 2003

I agree with -pops-, except for 'Install the antivirus and firewall'

Download avg anti virus from click here its free with updates.
And download sygate Personal firewall from click here also free with updates.

  -pops- 08:21 10 May 2003

By choice, I would also load AVG and Outpost or Sygate.

My idea for installing the Norton A/V and firewall were just because lelole had them.

Really were are in complete agreement;-))

  Andsome 08:39 10 May 2003

Couldn't agree more, Norton has served me well.

  -pops- 08:46 10 May 2003

These for/against opinions could go on for ever. Really, it's entirely your decision what to do with Norton.


  lelole 19:19 10 May 2003

I have uninstalled and re-installed but no change. I would like to keep systemworks as I have paid for it!! The file name that problems are being caused with is 3DFX16V3.DRV.

Is this the driver for my 3dfx voodoo3 card, if so what is the best thing to do??


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