Norton Systemworks 2003 Pro

  henza_mapenza 14:43 19 Jul 2003

I have a seperate computer from my brother who also has Norton Systemworks 2003 Pro. The problem is that I have the internet to run Liveupdate. My brother on the the hand don't have te internet, s he can't update his Virus definitons which are ut of date, so Norton Auto-protect doesn't run automatically when Windows Start. This message comes up on my brothers computer: "Norton Antivirus has encountered an internal program error. Click here to go to Symantec Technical support Knowledge base. 4002 519" It there any way that I can store all of the Norton Systemworks update into a folder so I can copy it onto my brothers computer and update his.

  citadel 15:02 19 Jul 2003

If he is not connected to the internet why would he need anti-virus.

  Gaz 25 15:42 19 Jul 2003

Yes there is.

I would ignore the above message though, some CDs and Floppies come with viruses on.

Anyway go here: click here and go to intelligent update.

  Southernboy 16:40 19 Jul 2003

to install Norton Internet Security on a non-internet connected PC? I have often thought it might be as there are other ways to pick up a virus, apart from through the net. My Dad is not connected and is terrified of picking up a virus (from previous experience) via an infected disc.

I have NIS 2003 and I am allowed to install it in two computers - should I put it on my Dad's PC and, if so, should I attempt to restrict the installation to NAV, or is it OK to install the full program?

I don't want to cause him software problems as I will never hear the last of it!

  Bargee 17:13 19 Jul 2003

I have 2003, & Symantec actually tell you in the manual that you can install the software on any & all of the machines you own. Are you watching Bill Gates?
I have also posed this "updating" to a non-internet connected PC directly with Symantec & they pointed me to intelligent update as GAZ 25 has already suggested. It works.

Best of luck!

  Southernboy 11:29 23 Jul 2003

I checked the link and I cannot find anything about installing NIS 2003 on a non-internet connected PC. Have I missed something?

Clearly, if I lend my Dad my CD to install, he will not be able to add any updates. Since he is only worried about picking up a virus via discs, I would imagine the risk is much reduced, but could still exist - it happened to him once before.

Is it worth doing and will NIS cause him problems as he has no internet connection?

  MichelleC 13:00 23 Jul 2003

I'm not too sure on NAV protecting more than 1 pc per registration and using Liveupdate. I could be wrong but I think it picks up at the Symantec site if it's been d/loaded per reg and won't do it for a 2nd pc. (if he was connected). This is different to NSW Pro (without NAV) which will update all other relevant updates, like Ghost etc.

You can d/load NAV defs via Intelligent Updater, as suggested, onto disc all updates and install on his pc.

  Southernboy 23:47 23 Jul 2003

He tells me he doesn't want to bother with installing updates, although he was interested in a one-off installation from the disc that would protect against all known viruses at the time the disc was made.

I'm afraid my dad does not like "complications" and as he only uses his PC for WP, he thinks it probably isn't worth the hassle (his words).

Thanks for all the advice.

  MichelleC 10:56 24 Jul 2003

Or if you periodically made NAV rescue disks on your pc, he could boot from them on his pc and run a scan in dos, but it takes longer.

  Southernboy 17:34 29 Jul 2003

with WinXP?

  Bargee 11:01 31 Jul 2003

I meant to say that the update link given by Gaz 25 allows you to download the updates to disk/CD, whatever, for installation onto a PC without internet access. Very useful if, like me, you want to isolate your most precious data, apps etc., from the internet by having a second PC. Bear in mind of course, the piracy aspect of keeping your dad updated on what is technically a pirated copy of your IS 2003.

Best of.

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