Norton Systemworks 2003 - doesn't.

  pj123 12:40 08 Sep 2005

Two years ago I built two computers, both exactly the same, one for me, one for my partner.

Both PCchips 810lmr, Athlon XP2000, 256mb RAM, onboard sound and video, 80gb hard disk.

Both motherboards came with a CD Norton Systemworks 2003 for free, as well as the Motherboard CD.

They are both still in operation and working fine, except I tried to run Norton last Monday (as usual) but on my computer all I got was

"Unable to start the Integrator. Please reboot and try again. If this fails contact technical support."

Still running OK on my partners PC.

I tried a reboot, no difference. I tried uninstalling and re-installing, still no difference. I just tried another uninstall/reinstall this morning, and a regcleaner. Still the same.

As far as I am concerned, this Forum is my first call for Technical Support. Can anyone suggest anything please?

Thank you.

  pj123 12:41 08 Sep 2005

Oops! Should have said, both PCs running Win 98SE.

  xania 13:07 08 Sep 2005

Two identical PC's they may have been but not for long. Each of you will have use your PC in differnt ways at differnt times and, somewhere along the line, one of you has corrupted something crucial in the operating system. You may have some success with System File Checker click here or even re-installing Windows over-the-top but the time may be right to consider a clean installation of Windows.

  pj123 11:08 09 Sep 2005

Tried sfc, no problems show up. Will try an "over the top" install next. Don't really want to do a format and reinstall if I can help it. I can live without Norton, I just liked to use Norton Speeddisk which is so much better and faster than Windows Defrag.

  Doire_Bhoy 11:13 09 Sep 2005

When using win 98 its better and faster to defrag in Safe mode

  GaT7 15:59 09 Sep 2005

I used to use the WinME version of defrag in Win98se (now moved on to WinXP). click here to read more & download. Try it, you won't look back.

I also tried NSW2003 on Win98se when it first came out in 2002 - had similar problems, tried all Symantec Support's suggestions to no avail. Finally, more than a month later I had to admit defeat & returned it under Amazon's 60-day guarantee, for a full refund. G

  pj123 17:43 09 Sep 2005

Before I had Norton 2003 I did use Win defrag in Safe Mode, took hours. Just tried it again but had to stop it. After 2 hours it is still only on 12%. Norton did the same size hard drive in 17 minutes. I did try NIS but that was even worse, it slowed down my computer to a crawl. I uninstalled but it took me about 2 days to do it. Maybe that is part of the problem with getting Norton Systemworks 2003 back on?

  GaT7 17:56 09 Sep 2005

Try this:

Uninstall & use the SYMClean tool - click here.

Next, clean boot Win98se click here, & reinstall in clean boot conditions.

Give the WinME defrag a go (see my previous link). G

  pj123 12:15 10 Sep 2005

Crossbow7, thanks. Just tried the ME version of Defrag. Completed in 34 minutes. Not bad. Another advantage - it doesn't have to be done in Safe Mode - although I did have to disable AVG and Zonealarm as it kept restarting after 2%.

Going to try SYMclean next as I would still like to get Norton working again.

  pj123 13:03 10 Sep 2005

SYMclean didn't work. Although it said something like "all traces of Norton have been removed, you may now install your Symantec product". Which I did and got "Norton Systemworks 2003 installed successfully"

I still get "Unable to start the Integrator. Please reboot and try again. If this fails contact technical support."

  pj123 16:37 10 Sep 2005

I have just taken my Norton Systemworks 2003 CD in to my next door neighbour and installed it on his computer and it works perfectly. So it appears the problem lies somewhere on my computer setup. But where?

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