Norton System Works installation

  passant 05:04 14 Oct 2003

I am awaiting delivery of System Works and a little concerned about installation over previous anti virus software. I used Add/Remove to uninstall McAfee. Although I received the usual 'Uninstall successful' there are dozens of McAfee files scattered in the programme folders. I am reluctant to delete these manually in case I mess up the system. Question: Will System Works detect them and eradicate them or will a conflict result.

  Tog 07:13 14 Oct 2003

It's more likely that SystemWorks won't even look for them but will overwrite any older files and prompt you if it needs to.

  passant 15:59 14 Oct 2003

I've posted a new response because I thought you might miss my 'thankyou for responding'note. I've been off line for a while.

  wossie 16:06 14 Oct 2003

Just a quick note on systemworks, you should have a fairly hig spec PC as it slows down everything. I installed it on a pc and it took 20 min to open anything start, programs, word etc. it took me 4 hours to get in to the add/remove programs and uninstall it. Be warned.

  MichelleC 16:14 14 Oct 2003

Or you can just install the vitals like av and use all the utilities from disc whenever required. It can be a pain to install/uninstall but it's worth it.

  passant 21:38 14 Oct 2003

Sounds alarming Wossie, but what is high spec these days? I have 800Mhz processor and 128MB RAM. Surely this is enough?

Thanks for suggestion Michelle. I shall give it serious consideration, if I receive no further reassurance.

  Tog 07:28 15 Oct 2003

I have SystemWorks installed on a 633MHz Celery, 256Mb. I don't use any background stuff like crashguard, etc as I don't like the performance hit you inevitably get. I use the utilities, like windoctor & defrag as and when I need them and if a prog crashes I try to fix it.

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