Norton System Works

  Robotic_Rob 14:39 12 Feb 2006

Hey, I tried installing Norton System Works on to my new hdd. It worked alright for a couple of days and then i keep getting a message saying i need to re-install it. Ive tried re-installing it a couple of times but the same thing still happens. Can anyone give me advice on uninstalling it completely, so i can try and install it from fresh.(As i believe that the uninstaller doesnt uninstall completely as when i re-installed it, i didnt have to type in a reg code.


  compumac 18:19 12 Feb 2006

Had exactly the same problem as yourself in removing Norton Systemworks 2005. I did exactly as per the link given by Vog, but still bits and pieces of Norton left behind, so repeated as per Vog but plus ran Ccleaner afterwards and it found remnants of Norton and you were able to remove them.

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