Norton switched off on startup?

  Muckleface 23:07 01 Aug 2005

Not sure what I've done but in the past few days Norton is turned of when I start up my PC, desktop loads, icons begin loading in the notifcation area by the clock, Windows Securty balloon pops up saying "antivirus turned off, click here to change this..." or something but then norton comes on and all is well!

This didnt use to happen, is there some settng that I've inadvertently tinkered with? Any ideas how to have Norton come on first?


  Dan the Doctus 00:48 02 Aug 2005

Not sure, but you could try right clicking on the Norton AV icon in the system tray and select 'Configure Norton AntiVirus' and make sure the first 3 options are ticked. Failing that, uninstalling and reinstalling can save an awful lot of time should the problem continue.

  zarobian 06:10 02 Aug 2005

It is happening to my computer for the last one week or so. Have seen it on other computers too. Perhaps it is the Microsoft Scurity centre. Will investigate further when less busy. At the moment it is not a critical problem. I switch my Broadband Modem to Standby at startup and switch it back to normal when reported OK.

Perhaps somebody on this forum will throw further light on the subject.

  wee eddie 07:24 02 Aug 2005

I had a week of warnings on start-up, stating that Norton was not enabled. If I remember correctly it only happened the first time I booted each day and had me mystified.

I was worried that that my router had connected to the net before Norton had booted.

Then it stopped.

I am none the wiser, and have no idea what was happening.

Sorry, jordan_richard_barnard, but you are not alone, if that is any consolation.

  Daibus 07:51 02 Aug 2005

I get the same warning coming up and I think there was recently another thread on this problem as well.

  Muckleface 19:13 02 Aug 2005

Well, I'm sure someone will figure it out, glad I'm not alone! Is my PC at risk whilst this is happening?

  Lettervanman 20:07 02 Aug 2005

I have noticed the same thing,it is not a problem for me as I don't go on line until boot has finished.
I think this started after a recent Norton update which included a Common Client update, whatever that is! This CC update has in the past, and did again this time, stop my email and Mailwasher connecting. To cure this I have to re-set firewall rules as per instructions from Symantec. This I found out when I raised the problem on their email help site some time ago.
All other Norton updates load without any problem.
Have you all only noticed this since last update?

  ade.h 20:45 02 Aug 2005

It sounds like the Norton update has caused a slight increase in the start-up time. The Windows Security Centre is much higher up in the start order (not something that can be changed in any way to my knowledge) so is ready to check the security status before Norton has a chance to get going. This is not necessarily unique to Norton; someone else described the same issue with another AV recently.

The best workaround is to disable the relevant notification in the Security Centre settings. As long as Norton gets going in due course, it doesn't really matter what Windows thinks!

  LANDCRUISER 23:19 02 Aug 2005

this started on my pc as well i noticed it started when microsoft downloaded update as yet i have not sorted this problem so if anyone knows how to fix this please help

  Kev.Ifty 00:19 03 Aug 2005

Happening here too...

  Dan the Doctus 00:56 03 Aug 2005

The computer I'm currently using (my mum's) is up to date with all Norton updates and works fine - Win98 on dial-up.

All I can suggest is wait for Norton to fix the problem in the next update (they must be aware of it) or, preferably, ditch it for AVG. I use this AV on my computers and have never had any problems. Plus it's free etc...

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