Norton SW Problems

  olyman 18:54 20 Jun 2003

I wanted to uninstall Photosuite and used XP Uninstall without thinking (Norton Uninstall should have been used as the installation had been monitored by NSW). NSW Uninstall still showed PhotoSuite so I tried to use Norton to clear the rest (another mistake as the folder was later found to be empty). Norton said that 85Mb was to be backed up but this failed with an Error 18 message ? ?Drive C possibly full?. Although this wasn?t the case Cleansweep was used to free some space but it wouldn?t empty Internet History and left 85 Mb uncleared.
I decided to uninstall and reinstall NSW hoping to sort these problems out but the same errors remained.
On shut down the screen froze and had to be switched off at the mains. A restart resulted in all the fonts on the desktop and in various programs had changed and all references to the ISP connection had disappeared. The various NSW tools resulted in no error reports except for a request to carry out a virus scan. However the ISP connection and some of the original fonts mysteriously returned. I have been unable to correct the remaining odd fonts in IE but the computer is operating OK for the moment. I have yet to find any answers in the labyrinth of Symantec online.
Any suggestions or explanations would be welcome 
a)XP System Restore doesn't work
b)I want to keep NSW

  olyman 11:36 23 Jun 2003

Haven't had a chance to try that yet but will do. It occurs to me that I didn't disable the XP firewall - will do that as well.

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