Norton SW

  NotsoNewuser 20:22 28 Feb 2004

I bought Norton SW thinking I would be able to instal the items I wanted and leave the rest, but it looks as if everything gets installed in one folder without being able to select.
I don't want the anti virus as I'm happy with my present one.
Is there a way I can load the items I want (Ghost for one)or do I have to uninstall my present AV?

  MichelleC 22:23 28 Feb 2004

If you've got 2 av's there may be conflicts. If you want just selected tools on NSW you can choose on install. If you want to start from scratch it's best to clean uninstall NSW (details on Symantec site) and reinstall what you want. (I run mine mostly from cd as NSW is a resource hog).

  Derek 06:14 29 Feb 2004

Take out all that you've put in as far as System works is concerned. Not only via Add/Rem but do a search as well and delete as appropriate.
Then put you Norton CD back in and allow it to start up. Only select those items that you require either by direct selection on the CD or, "explore" the disc in "My Computer" and load up individually.

  temp003 08:00 29 Feb 2004

I think you can deselect Norton AV. When you start the installation CD, and select install SW, you can choose Custom, and then you get a list. I haven't tried deselecting Norton AV, but I did deselect Norton System Doctor, Norton Unerase and other things from SW2003, and they did not get installed.

There are either boxes to tick off, or against each component, there's an icon like a disk drive with a down arrow, which you single click to get a list of options (such as Not Available on this computer or something like that). If you get the latter, just click the down arrow and select the Not Available option.

If you haven't proceeded with the installation, try again.

If you have already installed SW, put CD in again, click install SW, and you will get a choice to "Modify". Then deselect Norton AV.

  NotsoNewuser 19:40 29 Feb 2004

Thanks all your help.

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