Norton subscription renewal - shop around instead

  Tog_ 23:13 13 Apr 2010

I use Norton 360 (3 x licenses) and the subscription runs out soon, so I follow the link to the Norton site and it offers me a downloadable 1-year update for £64.99. Wow! thinks me, that's a lot. Then I see it in Norton's online shop and it's only £59.99 (still a download). Then I look in the special offers section and it's £54.99. So I browse around and find it for £52.98 at CClonline (V4.0 boxed, inc VAT & Del and it's not OEM). What gives? It leaves a bad taste in the mouth to realise that returning customers are going to be stiffed like this instead of receiving some reward for customer loyalty.

  northumbria61 23:21 13 Apr 2010

There doesn't appear to be any reward for Customer loyalty these days - a firm I had dealings with recently wouldn't "price match" after being with them for some considerable time - approx £3 in difference - so they LOST my business. I don't remain "loyal" anymore, I go where I can get the best deal. It is THEIR loss not mine !

  onionskin 23:28 13 Apr 2010

It's on offer for about £25 at WH Smiths.

  Tog_ 08:19 14 Apr 2010

You know, I might go with that. Spam filtering is now done by my ISP and it's rare for any to get through for Norton to deal with and Win 7 has a friendly backup/restore utility so NIS 2010 actually stands up well to "360".

Good call,

  Tog_ 08:30 14 Apr 2010

I won't mark this resolved just yet.

  onthelimit 09:08 14 Apr 2010

Why not just go for the free Microsoft Security Essentials and free Malwarebytes?

  onionskin 09:36 14 Apr 2010

I was shopping around at the weekend. NIS 2010 was cheapest at PC World ~ about £22. Smiths was cheapest for 360 though.

  Tog_ 09:39 14 Apr 2010

I have use Norton since forever (sometimes AVg as well) and am used to the interface plus it integrates well and has some nice features. MS Essentials, when I tried it on Win 7, just didn't seem to offer me the same ease of control.

  onionskin 09:45 14 Apr 2010

PC world also had Norton IS 2009 on sale at about £18 - this would include an upgrade to the 2010 version when installed, I wonder if it would upgrade to 2011 next year...

I bought IS 2010.

  Tog_ 09:52 14 Apr 2010

No idea why, but it just wouldn't feel right to buy something from PCW. It's irrational but I'd feel embarrassed walking in there. Have to try online instead, maybe if I put a bag on my head?

  onthelimit 10:14 14 Apr 2010

That's the whole point of MSE - it just sits in the background and needs no intervention from the user. Still, if you prefer Norton (at an inflated price) that's fine.

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