Norton subscription renewal

  mitsme 17:55 27 May 2007

How do I do it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:10 27 May 2007

Why pay when you can get just as good protection for a Home PC free and will not hog system resources?

  wee eddie 18:22 27 May 2007

They will tell you how. Just get out your trusty Credit Card. About £50 I think.

But why pay. I use AVG

  laurie53 19:38 27 May 2007

I've used Norton for many years but I won't be renewing this year.

I finally got fed up of my PC's performance being sapped by this app.

  mitsme 17:31 06 Jun 2007

Hi, sorry for delay in response. I have used AVG & other freeware anti-virus apps. I am asking about Norton because it came pre-installed & from what I've read removing it totally & installing other AVs is a nightmare. I'd like to play safe as the laptop is running fine.

  sunny staines 17:34 06 Jun 2007

buy an upgrade cd, pc world does cheap deals on norton products on a regular basis, but shop around too.

  Jackcoms 17:42 06 Jun 2007

"from what I've read removing it totally & installing other AVs is a nightmare."


Norton/Symantec even provide a free removal tool click here

I've successful;y un-installed Norton and replaced it with free products, with no ill effects, on several occasions.

  wee eddie 17:48 06 Jun 2007

Your laptop will be a lot swifter when Norton has been removed.

However the Freebies are for personal use, as opposed to Business use. If you do use it for business you should make a contribution which is Tax deductible.

  Meshuga 19:24 06 Jun 2007

I`ve uninstalled Norton AV a couple of days ago without the slightest trouble and have installed AVG antivirus free version, latest update.

  Diversion 20:11 06 Jun 2007

If you renew your subscription to Norton it will cost you more than going the computer shop and buying a new version. Panda have just tried it on with me, to renew my subscription for Panda Platinum Internet Security it would have cost me a bargain at £39. I can buy it from the website for just under £7, Norton Internet Security costs just under £22 on the same website.

  Trotter2 23:29 07 Jun 2007

I've had no end of trouble with Norton. couldn't get new version yo install no matter what I tried. ended up installing AVG free. what's more as laurie53 said my pc's much faster without it!

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