Norton Subscription problem !

  3tg 00:37 03 Jul 2003

I renewed my yearly subscription in May. I received confirmation by email. My computer had to be setup again due to problems. I reinstalled Norton, now when I try to "Live Update" it tells me my subs need renewing. Try as I may I cannot find a way to contact them via their website, one can view FAQ etc but no email address. Can anyone help please ? any advice would be appreciated as it's very frustrating. Cheers

click here and continue to subscription support.

  3tg 19:49 07 Jul 2003

Thanks horizS, still could not find the answer to my problem, I have checked the confirmation email and it states " do not reply to this email". Looks like I've lost my money and I cannot use the program as I cannot update etc. Can anyone advise another anti-virus program ? Cheers

  TECHNODIMWIT 19:54 07 Jul 2003

have you checked the date your computer thinks it is, mine jumped forward 3 years a litt;e while ago, i found it confusing at the time as norton was showing out of date.


  3tg 20:04 07 Jul 2003

Have checked, the date is OK, Thanks anyway

  AdeJ 20:15 07 Jul 2003

click here If the website doesn't answer the problem give tech support a call on 0207 616 5600 - it's not worth dumping the software over a glitch that should easily be fixed

  Philip2 22:43 07 Jul 2003

I don't use Norton Antivirus or it's firewall software now but what i remember you click on status and click on subcription this will also show you your subcription end date

  AndySD 23:11 07 Jul 2003

For Win Xp/2k:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\LiveSubscribe

For Win 9x/Me:
C:\WINDOWS\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\LiveSubscribe

Delete the Livesubscribe file. Now form Add/Remove programs remove your Norton
application then reinstall it.

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