Norton is still there!

  Diemmess 18:01 20 Feb 2006

From the previous thread
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Having downloaded the recommended files from the Symantec site for him,I sent them to him.
Both were downloaded,the Word "how to do it" doc opened, but the self executing file SymNRT was blocked by Norton!

It is catch 22, and unless someone can come up with a work-around, I'm going to have to comb his registry for him without a "plan B"

  Diemmess 19:26 20 Feb 2006

That looks logical and good Curio -thanks

  Diemmess 14:45 21 Feb 2006

(CHAIRLEG I thought I was going to have to make the trip and work along your lines, BUT)

This morning, friend phoned me and said he was clear clean and happy...

He had gone PCW, told them of his woes and seen their eyes lightup when he mention it was a Packard Bell of theirs.

They took him through the simple procedure.
Start > Programs > and then something like Packard Bell Support Site.

Selecting this offers a thread to the point where something like Windows Add/Remove programs is available.
At this point, a long list is there and scrolling down arrives at Norton Internet Security, which can be repaired or uninstalled. Choosing uninstall sets the wheels whizzing and after a lot of scene changes and a reboot, it had cleared Norton.

  wee eddie 17:02 21 Feb 2006

Perhaps you owe Norton an apology.

It appears that PB have a separate folder for all the Factory installed products. If you're friend had read the Instruction Manual, this might have become obvious.

  Diemmess 18:01 21 Feb 2006

Come on "Small Edward", Norton is a bit like Aol, you either hate it or you love it! I happen to love one and hate the other.
Neither would be as successful as they are if their best didn't outweigh their worst.
I think it was Curio in the earlier thread, who like me wondered why a major firm made things so difficult to remove their product. (the same criticism could be levelled at Aol) and devotees puzzle why anyone would wish to do this!

I disclaim responsibility for anything which others brought upon themselves, I was just trying to help!

  wee eddie 19:07 21 Feb 2006

I am sure you know what you are up to and Norton is notoriously difficult to remove.

By following the instructions, I managed to Uninstall Norton 2003 and install 2006, in the course of an evening while watching 2 CSI episodes.

No problems so far, but I did have to follow the instructions

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