Norton Speed Disk Compatibility with Win 2000

  [DELETED] 19:49 05 Aug 2003

Well I'm back again! Have downloaded a recent'critical ' service pack for windows 2000 pro - NT5 Service pack 4 - only to find that my Norton System works 2002 utilities comes up woth a warning when I try to run speed disc.

The warning reads.....
Warning this version of speed disc has not been tested with the service pack.
Supported systems
NT5 service packs 0 - 3

Has anybody been in this situation before?
Can I run speed disc safely?

My Norton software is fully updated by liveupdate.

Any help appreciated.


  [DELETED] 20:02 05 Aug 2003

Older versions of norton, do not like the ntfs file system.

  [DELETED] 20:45 05 Aug 2003

Ah! out of date software.
Does anyone know if using my current speed disc will cause problems? Or do I have to fork out for the Nortons System Works 2003?


  [DELETED] 00:38 06 Aug 2003

Definitely no need to buy a new version.

The warning comes up every time a new Service Pack is installed. I suppose it's a precaution on Norton's part.

After a while, you might get an update to Norton Speed Disk, which will remove the warning.

You can either wait, or just ignore the warning. I'm still using the 2001 version. I used to hold off when I saw the warning, but I now ignore it. I've been defragging despite the warning for the last 2 or 3 service packs and I haven't seen any problem.

  [DELETED] 01:15 06 Aug 2003

I agree entirely with temp003. The fact that it hasn't been tested does not mean that it will not work. It's just a case of Windoze being over cautious.


  [DELETED] 18:01 06 Aug 2003

Thanks Guys! Another of windows little querks solved. when I see you in the street I'll buy you a beer!!!!


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