Norton Security Scan...

  nick_j007 11:58 08 Aug 2008

Came back to my PC the other day to find an open window for the above as if it had scanned my PC.
There is also an entry under my 'All Programmes' from Start menu.
There is some reference to Adobe Shockwave software on the first scan page...have I unwittingly downloaded this with an update from Adobe?

Thanks all.

  woodchip 12:52 08 Aug 2008

Are you running Norton?

  sunny staines 13:22 08 Aug 2008

yesterdays update to adobe shockwave installs norton checkup unless you the tick out of the box during install

  nick_j007 18:58 08 Aug 2008

I run Avast! not Norton, hence my confusion.

Must be that update then...must have missed the box to exclude it...not that I recall updating even!

I have Revo uninstaller, I'll take it off with that.

Thank you.

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