Norton Security Centre

  Anti_Virus 14:22 24 Aug 2005

Hi, my friend just got a new laptop, and a program I never knew existed was pre-installed. Norton Security Centre. It reports on the security status of the PC. I decided I'd like it on my PC. I decided that it looked like it should be freeware. But being Norton, I wasn't sure. I've looked on the Symantec site but can't find it anywhere, free or not. I broadened my search to the 'WWW' but still can't find it. Anyone help?

  Jackcoms 14:48 24 Aug 2005

Are you sure you’ve got the name correct?

There’s McAfee Security Centre and there’s Norton Internet Security.

Both of these are combined AV, firewall, anti-spam and privacy packages and both of them have to be paid for.

As far as I know there’s no such beast as Norton Security Centre.

  VoG II 14:50 24 Aug 2005

It is mentioned click here but I don't think it is a stand-alone product.

  Anti_Virus 14:52 24 Aug 2005

Well, I've found out there is one tiny-teeney spelling error. It's "Norton Security CentER" spelt the US way. But yes, there is definitely such a beast, just no way of getting it, which is stupid. Please, can anyone help....?

  Jackcoms 15:04 24 Aug 2005

"It's "Norton Security CentER" spelt the US way"

Yes, but I'm in England. I'm aware that those in the USA have their strange foibles and one one them is the inability to spell (or speak) English correctly.

The odd thing is that Norton Security CentRE, as described in VoG™'s link, is an exact description of part of the function of McAfee Security Centre which I have on my laptop:

"The Norton Security Center is a utility that allows users to monitor the status of their antivirus, firewall and Windows Automatic Update components."

  Anti_Virus 15:12 24 Aug 2005

Jackoms - Thanks for explaining that to everyone else who's never heard of it.... But..... Do you know where to download it, and if it is freeware?

  VoG II 15:16 24 Aug 2005

If it is a Norton product it won't be freeware.

I would imagine that it is part of another product like Norton Internet Security.

  Anti_Virus 15:19 24 Aug 2005

No, I have NIS installed and SystemWorks. Still no sighting of the program.

  Jackcoms 15:27 24 Aug 2005

I still think that you have a mix up in the names of the Norton and McAfee products which I listed in my post of 14:48.

I've also just had a look at the Symantec site and, as you say, there is no stand-alone product with that name.

As VoG™ days, if it exists and if it's Norton, it will NOT be freeware and the same goes for McAfee.

  Microdot 16:12 24 Aug 2005

Plenty of entries re "Norton Security Center" on Google
Cheers de Art.

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