Norton security

  Sandyums 12:42 19 Apr 2010

Have Norton security on one computer, but can use same on another two. Have tried contacting Norton no replies, how do I put it on another computer.?

Many Thanks Sandy

  mfletch 12:50 19 Apr 2010

If you have a three user license,

Just download Norton install and enter the key you have to activate Norton,

Or use the CD to install Norton on the other two computers.

  G4V1N 19:32 21 Apr 2010

Don't use norton use avats you can get it click here for free

  johnnyrocker 20:15 21 Apr 2010

it looks like you could be in danger of spamming?


  Strawballs 00:40 22 Apr 2010

Which version of Norton do you have?

  KremmenUK 06:46 22 Apr 2010

If your version of Norton is new (regardless of original version) and therefore covered by subscription for the year then you can download and use the latest one free of further charge.

Same story with quite a few security now. Spyware Doctor is the same.

  Andsome 08:23 22 Apr 2010

Personally, Norton will never be allowed anywhere near to a computer of mine again.

  Migwell 08:33 22 Apr 2010

I whole heartedly agree with ANDSOME

  ame 10:54 22 Apr 2010

Why are people recommending other software? He's got Norton for goodness sake! Just stick the disc in or download to the other pc and punch in the key.

  T I M B O 12:41 22 Apr 2010

G4V1N,,, good link,,, Avast is an excellent AV. Keep up the spamming!! ;-))

There are so many AV's nowadays & Avast is an excellent free anti-virus & i personally think it's better than Norton. Some Norton versions do come with a multy user licence, normally 3. This all depends where you got your copy of Norton AV, you can get a copy from Pc World, they sometimes do a 3pc licence or if you purchased ur copy of Norton from there web site, then it may only be 1 licence. In any event Avast is an excellent choice !!

  T I M B O 12:44 22 Apr 2010

This is all about a licence key that maybe only allowed for one pc. If Sandyums was to use the same key for more than one pc if the licence is for 1 pc only, then that is stealing is it not ?? For goodness sake! ;-))

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