norton rescue disks

  john1000 13:12 19 Jun 2004

i have a system infected with the nby virus and i am creating a set of disks to boot up in dos to remove the virus when i select a floppy creatye disks it said that i needed 10 disks but disk no 7 is repeated twice tryed discs all loaded ok apart from no 7 looked at support this is a known prob the fix was to download the programme update through live update done this rebooted select create disks and 7 is still repeated any ideas or is there a way i can use the virus definations on these discs without no 7 thanks

  end 13:22 19 Jun 2004

with respect, as I understand it, you are only nOW creating your "rescue discs", that right??? or are they a set of about 10 floppies that you have already created and are now trying to use????

am just wondering ( a mere novice here), whether you CAN create a "useable" set of discs at this "late stage",, or am I wrong???
(and this has set ME "thinking" with a similar issue that I must start a thread on to prevent my hijacking THIS one!!)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:26 19 Jun 2004

If the virus is on your system its now too late to create the floppies as the virus will write itself on to them and you will be no better off.

If Norton won't get rid try one of these Anti Virus :-
avast4 click here
Antivir click here
AVG antivirus click here
Indivual virus removers:_
Stinger click here
Microworld click here

  john1000 13:34 19 Jun 2004

ok i have a system running 98 that is infected. i am creating a set of rescue disks on a computer running 98 that is not infected in nortons support you can make a set and use them on another computer you just get a warning at the start that they where not made on the same system type y and then continue my prob is aprob that was supposed to have been fixed with updateing norton rescue so it does not name one disk twice

  end 13:47 19 Jun 2004

???or could run a trend mirco house call?????which IS compatible with Norton( I run it here on mine)

AND, as you are making the rescue set, are you being very careful when u put each floppy in the drive to wait for the thing to give you the screan to start the "save" process , and correctly labelling EACH disc AS IT IS DONE; if you have never done it before (???)you will need to watch and follow closely the on screan instructions, adn make sure you remove and label EACH floppy; take your time with it so that it is done correctly......

and a thought, are you on Win 98 or Win 98SE with BOTH computers( not sure if that DOES make any difference , but just MIGHt??)....

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:55 19 Jun 2004

Trend Online Check click here

  john1000 13:56 19 Jun 2004

98 second on both i am labeling all floppys as they are done the problem is the last two floppys should be 7 and 8 when i click on create it lists for the definations discs 12345677 it should be 78 this is a fault of norton rescue i have download and installed the update to fix this but i still get two disk 7 without the last disc 8 it will not start scanning

  john1000 13:59 19 Jun 2004

the nby virus as booted the cd rom up in dos so i can not install any anti virus unless it is on floppy stinger is a good check but it does not check for nby

  fredo3 14:38 19 Jun 2004

My advice for the future is to forget all the faffing about with norton rescue discs and simply create a ghost image of your Hard-drive once the virus is removed or windows re-installed.
Then simply back up future data onto a cd.
If everything goes tits up you can just re-install the windows image and retrieve your lost data from the cd.
Floppy discs are not a great media to rely on as it only takes a mobile phone placed near the discs to corrupt them.
In the mean-time I'd concentrate more on removing this virus via traditional antivirus software.

  john1000 14:51 19 Jun 2004

what do you suggest i can only use the floppy drive so i need a basic scanner on floppy that will remove nby

  fredo3 15:02 19 Jun 2004

start with fits on a floppyclick here

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