Norton removed??

  muddypaws 16:01 31 Aug 2007

I have apparently successfully removed Norton with their tool.
Now trying AVG.
A couple of queries:
1. On boot up I get a window saying 'CCAPPS unable to start. can't find the component'. ( Or words to that effect)
I know CCAPPS belongs to Norton. A win. search finds nothing and it is no longer in the start up menu. I assume I will get the window each boot up till I clear it somehow.
2. I have an ATI clone of C on my G drive.
Norton is obviously on there, but I assume that on the next clone ATI will overwrite or format G as usual.
Thanks in advance.

  holme 16:10 31 Aug 2007

Possible answer to Q1. A left-over registry reference perchance?

Maybe run a registry cleaner and see if that helps. But make a system restore point /before/ doing so. Then if it goes pear-shaped, you can step backwards as required.

I would personally run the Issues option in CCleaner first to see if it clear it. But if that doesn't do the trick, I'd try try something a bit more rigorous such as Registry Cleaner.

Q2. Sounds reasonable. But is it possible to rename the existing clone so that it doesn't get overwritten, just in case you need to re-instal the original? Safety first and all that. HTH.

  muddypaws 16:49 31 Aug 2007

Have run CCleaner and Reg Cleaner.
Reg cleaner came up with about 300 problems which I let it fix!
CCleaner fixed about 30. No adverse effects yet, but not re-booted.
I have another ATI clone on an external so should be fairly safe!
Thanks for advice.
I'll wait for any further suggestions.

  holme 16:55 31 Aug 2007

"I'll wait for any further suggestions."

Re-start the machine and see what happens.

If CCAPPS doesn't appear, then maybe it was a leftover registry issue, now hopefully fixed.

But if it does appear, then it wasn't a registry issue. In which case I'm out of ideas - so I'd be interested to hear what happens! Fingers, eyes and legs crossed, got forrit.

  muddypaws 17:41 31 Aug 2007

Re-started and message still appears. It reads:
'CCAPP.EXE failed to start. ccL30.dll was not found'.
No other probs on start up, which was far quicker minus Norton.
So obviously I have to find and remove CCAP.EXE.
Anyone else got any suggestions.
Thanks holme.

  holme 18:05 31 Aug 2007

Sorry to hear that didn't work. You can't win 'em all.

I see ccl30.dll is a known issue, so maybe try and fix it using the fix on click here or click here

HTH but, if not, we have a couple more ideas on the back-burner.

  muddypaws 18:09 31 Aug 2007

I have just noticed that on my earlier Win search I had spelt the entry wrong.
Now running again and it is finding CCAPP.EXE entries.

  muddypaws 18:25 31 Aug 2007

That's cured it. Would help if I could spell!
Thanks holme for your time.
Boot up time without Norton is 2 mins quicker.
Now takes under 2 mins instead of nearly 4.
Will see how the new protection works.
Incidentally I went for PC Tools Firewall Plus as an alternative to Windows.
Any comments on that before I resolve.

  holme 18:25 31 Aug 2007

" is finding CCAPP.EXE entries"

Sorry, don't understand that. Are you still getting any error message(s) at start-up?

If so, suggest you proceed as in my previous post. If that works, fine. If not, we'll look at the start-up functions in msconfig.

  mfletch 18:32 31 Aug 2007

Hi have a look at Comodo Firewall pro {FREE}
That's what I use and I am very happy with it,

click here


  holme 18:35 31 Aug 2007

Our postings at 18:25 overlapped.

Good luck with AVG, IMHO it's a super piece of kit.

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