Norton Personal Firewall blocks IE since LiveUpdat

  sav 10:47 14 May 2004

Since downloading the latest LiveUpdates from Symantec Norton Personal Firewall won't let IE access the internet.

I checked to see if IE was blocked in 'settings' and set access control to automatic, but Norton still blocks access. Furthermore everything seems to be running slowly since the update (mouse sluggish etc.).

When I disable the firewall there are no problems with IE. But then I've got no protection.

It is possible that the update was corrupted? Is there anything wrong with the patch?

Symantecs site wasn't helpful.

Any ideas?



  Diodorus Siculus 12:33 17 May 2004


  Tog 12:43 17 May 2004

You don't say what OS, but for reference, I'm using NIS2004 with Win98SE and have all updates bar the latest virus defs.

I can't get the last virus update to download ( the "remaining" figure counts up instead of down!) so there may be a problem at their end.

  anchor 12:54 17 May 2004

I downloaded the latest Norton virus definitions at about 9am today; no problem.

  mdshamilton 12:55 17 May 2004

I downloaded the latest Norton upgrades last night - they work OK for me.

Have you tried disabling Norton (for a short while) to see if Norton is responsible? Have you restarted your PC since downloading the updates?

  mdshamilton 12:57 17 May 2004

An idea - have you double checked the access level within Norton to see if it hasn't inadvertently been set to "No Internet Access" much like the Child Website blocking?

  Amss81 13:16 17 May 2004

I had the same problem with norton firewall as well it was working ok until i downloaded the new updates the i got problems like no internet access via IE i got rid of the problem by uninstlling the firewall and intalling Zone Alarm instead.

  Dae 15:30 17 May 2004

In my case, with the same problem of Internet Explorer suddenly not working, this worked.

Disable Norton Personal Firewall (from a right-click on the icon in the notification area).

Click to run Internet Explorer, and any web page for a few seconds.

Close Internet Explorer.

Re-enable Norton Personal Firewall.

Internet Explorer was back working normally.

  sav 15:50 17 May 2004

Sorry I'm only just replying to your posts.

I've managed to solve the problem by using system restore to go back to a point prior to the latest updates. I then downloaded the updates again. Everything appears to be fine now, fingers crossed.

For the record, I checked the access level settings and they were okay. Then I disabled Norton Firewall and the symptoms I was experiencing disappeared, so I was sure it was something to do with the updates I had recently downloaded. I presume the update had been corrupted somehow.

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions.

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