Norton Personal Firewall 2005.

  User-9579EE00-D1B4-4C07-ACC4093D057A9446 23:35 20 Oct 2004

Is there anyway of contacting Symantec by email. With Service 2 installed or indeed without, this product seems to fail in its job. The log tells me Internet Security has been turned off, however the program tells me it protecting my system.

The Norton test on its own site tell me that its failed the PING test and other ports are "closed".

Shield up informed me that my ports are closed, but not in Stealth. The only time I can achieve Stealth was when I set my broadband router firewall to Stealth mode, this passed all tests, but then I could have achieved this without paying out for Norton.

These were tested without any weird file sharing programs, ( I dont use them anyway).

I fail to see why I should pay £18 for the prvilage of telling Syamntec their product does not seem to work, or am I missing something?

Any ideas or suggestions please.

  hillybilly 23:51 20 Oct 2004

Service pack 2 enables XP's firewall by default, I would not run 2 software firewalls together especially if I already have one inbuilt into my router! Check whether yoou have the XP F/wall enabled.

Thanks for the reply, but whether running PC with SP1 or SP2 the results are the same. In both instances, the XP firewall has been turned off.

  kev.Ifty 00:06 21 Oct 2004

Can't help with your problem but you can contact Symantec via.. click here
Let them know what you think.


  Carpigiani 00:09 21 Oct 2004

Unfortunately contact with Symantec, other than to give them your money is virtually impossible.
Earlier this year I reformatted & reinstalled windows & lost 8 months worth of subscription. I was using Internet Sucurity 2002 & their site would not let me transfer my subscription because 2002 was too old. So I dumped them & was shown the way to the many free Anti Virus & Firewall programs out there by the good people on this forum.
I wasted several hours trying to find a way of contacting Symantec without paying their high telephone support charges, before I finally gave up. Sorry this isn't much help but you are not alone.

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