Norton and Outgoing Mail

  David G 12:28 13 Oct 2003

Each time trying to send an email get Symantec message "unable to send because connection was interrupted". Internet and Incoming mail is no problem. Disabling Norton allows mail out. UKonline say this is a problem with Norton - if so this is ridiculous. Has anyone any ideas about this? Norton seem to want to charge a hefty fee to answer questions having charged for the program in the first place! Dave

  smegs 12:39 13 Oct 2003

Have U disabled the anti virus whilst trying to send mail?

  beeuuem 12:44 13 Oct 2003

Look at click here
It appears that Norton takes so long to check the outgoing mail that OE has closed the connection before the mail is sent.
The only solution that I can recall is not using 'disconnect after sending /receiving.'

  GBL 12:47 13 Oct 2003

I had the same thing and had to disable the outgoing e-mail Virus checker, works fine since.

  slimpickins 13:25 13 Oct 2003

I wonder the value of an out-going checker. It can only be checking for the same viruses that it checked as email came in.

I suppose if you failed to update for a while, then updated it might detect a new virus that had been let in before the update. The chances of this happening for a regular updater must be tiny.

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