Norton or AVG, that is the question....

  DJ-Garry 21:17 03 Jun 2008

Hi guys.

I have always used AVG on my desktop and old laptop for years, with no real problems. It seems to work alongside ZoneAlarm and gives me suitable protection. Now I have a Vista Home Premium laptop that came with Norton pre-installed with a few months trial. This I obviously used until the trial ran out and then put AVG on it. Norton has been sitting alongside it, not getting updated etc, but doing it's scans and seemingly picking up the odd virus and dealing with it. AVG has been doing it's stuff too and between them finding different things and dealing with them in their own way. Then....... I was doing a bit of a check on things and put Spybot SD on it and it also installed the Teatimer thingy. A while later I started getting registry change notices from teatimer and things started going really wrong.

The upshot of it all is.... that I'm now on the Malware Removal site getting it all checked out properly but they are telling me to get rid of one of the AV programs. I'm most keen to keep the AVG as it's free and I'm a tight arse but if Norton is going to be MUCH better, would it be the wiser route to go?????

Some very educated and informed answers would be very much appreciated, thank you.


  Clapton is God 21:20 03 Jun 2008

So you've had 2 AVs running on the same PC?

That was your first mistake.

I'm not surprised that the Malware Removal site are telling you to get rid of one.

NEVER, EVER run two AVs on the same machine.

  Zak 21:25 03 Jun 2008

For Free go with AVG!

  Zak 21:29 03 Jun 2008

You will need to uninstall Norton fully. Norton provides such a utiliy on their website.

click here

  p;3 21:55 03 Jun 2008

with respect you should NOT be seeking for active help on here while you have the open log thread on the malaware forum ; you should be discussing this issue on the malaware thread so your helper there knows what is going on and can advise you accordingly ;also which username have you posted with over there?

  DJ-Garry 22:04 03 Jun 2008

Thanks for the note p;3.


click here

I've alraedy got the link for un-installing Norton from Malware guys.
The reason I posted the question here is that I've use PCA for years, always got good advice, there are more people using and giving advice and it's so fast (usually) too.
It can take ages to get a return post from them but hey ho !!!! More speed, less haste I guess.
Anyway, Malware guys gave me the choice of which to delete so I came to my trusted PCA for the answer.

Thanks for the responces anyway guys,


  Technotiger 22:15 03 Jun 2008

I agree with Zak - keep AVG8 Free.

  DJ-Garry 22:17 03 Jun 2008

The Norton removal tool suggests I save the prod key.

How do I find this please?


  p;3 22:29 03 Jun 2008

I appreciate the time it can take to get a response on the malware forum but you need to realise that THAT site 'runs' a wee bit slower than here;
here you may expect to get a response in maybe 30 minutes if not sooner?

they need time to correctly analyse your log, then see what is wrong, then formulate a fix specific for YOU, review its effectiveness then post it TO you ; it takes time and maybe a day between each response on there; it IS important your helper ON there knows exactly where you are at with ALL changes you make on the comp as ANY change , however slight or apparently insignificant, can affect the fixes/programs you are asked to run

give 'em time to work with you ; it will be well worth it and hopefully get the 'as far as I can tell you are all clean ' message

  DJ-Garry 22:56 03 Jun 2008

The Norton removal tool suggests I save the prod key.

How do I find this please?


  Technotiger 09:04 04 Jun 2008

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