Norton is not scanning my email

  StephenRogers 20:47 05 Jun 2005

I have NAV 2003
I recently reinstalled
Since then it does not appear to be scanning ingoing or outgoing emails
I use Outlook Express to send and receive from a gmail POP3 account

I've got NAV set up to scan incoming and outgoing emails

Any ideas?

  StephenRogers 22:42 09 Jul 2005


  DieSse 00:24 10 Jul 2005

"Since then it does not appear to be scanning ingoing or outgoing emails"

What is telling you it's not scanning emails?

  esbe 00:52 10 Jul 2005

Hi,this might work -Open O/Express > Tools > Options > Connection > and untick 'Hang up after sending and receiving'.


  StephenRogers 09:08 14 Jul 2005

I sometimes have it set to hang up after sending and receiving, mostly I don't - it doesn't make any difference either way, but thanks for the thought

  DieSse 11:05 14 Jul 2005

How do you know it isn't scanning your emails - are there any messages?

  StephenRogers 17:29 19 Jul 2005

Before the reinstall it would open a dialogue box with a bar showing email scan progress. Now it doesn't do that.

  Danoh 19:08 19 Jul 2005

Check you NIS 2003 settings. Click on Options, Anti-virus, Email > Advanced, and see if the "Display Progress indicator when sending email" is ticked.

  Danoh 19:09 19 Jul 2005

Sorry, you use NAV not NIS; the same option settings should still be available though.

  StephenRogers 09:14 25 Jul 2005


Frustratingly, it doesn't offer me those options. But maybe it's doing its thing and just not telling me about it. I've never had an email virus, to my knowledge, so maybe I'll just forget it.

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