Norton NIS 2004 upgrade

  Jarvo 12:06 11 Jan 2004


Just upgraded my NIS 2003 to NIS 2004 all seamed OK until I ran Norton' security check! the check showed the following:-

1090 Extreme port open to posable trojan atack

ICMP Ping Ping. Ping is a network troubleshooting utility. It asks your computer to acknowledge its existence. If your computer responds positively to a ping, hackers are more likely to target your computer.

SSH. TCP connections to this port might indicate a search for SSH, which has a few exploitable features. SSH is a secure replacement for Telnet. The most common uses of SSH are to securely login and copy files from a server.

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). HTTP is used to transfer Web pages over the Internet. Port 80 should be open only if you're running a Web server.

so I removed NIS2004 and re installed same result! Next I ran shields up test and all showed OK no vunrabilitys!
Now I know that Norton have had problems with thier security test before and I have sent suport request(24-48hrs responce)just wonderd if anyone has had same problem upgrading or can resasure a paraniod user?

system Windows xp holme sp1 and all updates
upgrade NIS2003-NIS2004
also running spybot s&d




  Jarvo 12:26 11 Jan 2004


Sorry the sites i used for security tests are

Norton click here

Sields Up! click here

just in case any one wants to test them, I am wondering if it is a marketing ploy by Norton although would by daft if thier product failed the test.


  Jarvo 13:14 11 Jan 2004

bump ^

  Jarvo 14:10 11 Jan 2004


  Jarvo 15:45 11 Jan 2004


  R4 16:18 11 Jan 2004

You Possibly need set up your NIS, I had quite a problem until I got it set up correctly:
Use the help to make your site secure.

Have you set up the web content in NIS?

I disable browser and Sites visited on all but specific sites.

Shield up could not successfully attack my system in any way. Norton tests show 'very secure system. So it would seem to be your setup needs attention.

I use spy sweeper to stop spys etc.

  Jarvo 17:52 11 Jan 2004

Hi Thanks

Ive checked and checked all settings seem ok

think it may be a network problem after further investigation Shields up reads my IP adress and is loged as a hack atack in the firewall logs.

however nortons security test on startup seems to show a ip adress of my isp's cash server no 7?
and no atempted hacks are showen.

so I asume this is norton probing the ports of my isp's server and not me! will post back when I here from norton


  R4 19:44 11 Jan 2004

Switch off the Norton security checks on startup they are not really needed.

I only use NAVDX.EXE check on startup to ensure I have no virus's before I go to windows.

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