Norton Internet sercurity 2005 & email

  tes 11:19 31 Dec 2005

Has any one had probs with this prog lately.
For the past 18hrs I havn't been able to receive any emails so I got in touch with ntl. After about 1hr trying to help me they decided it was my firewall & I should get in touch with Norton (have you ever tried).I then remambered that last night I did a norton update so I have just done a system restore, now my email is fine.So be warned.

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 12:08 31 Dec 2005

Its a problem with a download with Norton. I disabled Norton and everything came back OK E mail working fine! NTL seem to know about this problem.

I disconnected from the web and tried to uninstal Norton and it will not ALL come off my `Puter.

I downloaded AVG free and might stay with this or something similar if Norton doesn`t sort itself out!!( I have a PC friend in the trade) You CANNOT reinstal Norton until you get all of it off you `puter it seems, and loads of people seem to have this problem. Its the first year I have used Norton and quite frankly I`m not impressed.

Let me know if you have a simple solution
Best wishes
Charles :)

  Harosie 14:41 31 Dec 2005

Yes I have the same problem too after downloading the latest update. It also gave me problems when shutting down so I did a system restore which allowed me to open my emails again.

My other computer has NIS 2006 and worked fine after downloading the latest updates, so can only assume it affect 2005 only!

I looked at Nortons website and think that this update has changed the firewall settings but I have been unable to rectify it. Sorry not to be more help. Will watch for other replies with interest.

  pj123 15:58 31 Dec 2005

There are may threads about NIS. Most of them recommend getting rid of it and installing perfectly good (free) programs which will do the same thing.

  sunny staines 16:18 31 Dec 2005

I am a victim too, waiting for a norton update tp correct the last one.

  Lettervanman 16:20 31 Dec 2005

Run through this!
click here?
I have had this problem before after Norton update,I am waiting for a reply as to why this happens.
I am on 2006 so it affects that as well.
I have found no problem with contacting their support by email and got a reply overnight.
Follow the link and it will sort it out, do the least things first and see if it works.
Having said that,yes I know it should not happen, but other options have their problems as well!

  sunny staines 18:41 31 Dec 2005


tried your link.
the registry change on microsoft site did not work.
nor did all of the options on the symantec site.

any more offers of help please.
[a complete reinstall has help in the passed]

  Lettervanman 09:44 01 Jan 2006

click here=

Did you get as far as this one,it worked for me!

  sunny staines 11:55 01 Jan 2006


tied all those options even the automatic reset of defaults.

which option worked for you I may try it again.

in jan last year I had a similar problem and a reinstall on NIS2005 worked and I think this may be the last option and will hold out till the end of the week.

  freaky 12:29 01 Jan 2006


  Dr. Charles(retired now) 14:24 01 Jan 2006

Posted this y`day

If you look on yesterday's postings, you will see that I had this problem with others. It's all to do with that update.

I decided to uninstall Norton Internet Security 2005 intending to reinstall it, but found that there were still bits of the programme left on my computer -- -- -- -- you cannot reinstall Norton Internet Security 2005 whilst there are still part of the programme on your hard disk. I tried everything even going through the search facility to get rid of all the stuff with Norton on.

There is only one way to get it off your computer, and that is a special tool that Norton have on the Internet and you download it. I ran the tool and would you believe it took off my copy of Ghost 9 as well. Norton has never run well on my computer because I use voice recognition systems as well. I've replaced it with AVG professional which includes a firewall also. It's weird how some of us just don't get on with some of the products which we are told are market leaders for no apparent reason.
Charles :)

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