Norton Internet Security Pro - Shall I get rid?

  flimbo 13:25 16 Mar 2005

I'm considering getting rid of Norton Internet Security Pro 2004. I've read much about it being bloatware and am not entirely happy about it conflicting with other security apps such as XP SP2 firewall and popup blockers and I'm already running Spybot, Adaware, MS Antispyware.

I would therefore look to be just be adding :-
Avast or AVG
& Zonealarm or Kerio
in place of Norton.

Any thoughts on this setup. Would it provide a good level of security?

  BRYNIT 14:26 16 Mar 2005

If you are using Norton Internet security fire wall you should have switched Win XP fire wall off as it will conflict.

  Completealias 14:31 16 Mar 2005

I got rid of Norton a while ago after it failed to pick up a virus avg found!!!

If you get this months pc advisor its got a full copy of mccaffe firewall on there which I am now using although the other firewalls u have listed will do the job. Make sure u turn off windows firewall whichever 1 you choose.

I also run avast 4.6 which has done me fine and a number of anti spyware apps including ms antispyware ad-aware and a2.

Have only had one virus alert in the past few months so not bad going

  BRYNIT 14:35 16 Mar 2005

Hit post button too quickly.

You will find different veiws on Norton product in this forum. I have had no probllems my self, but as i said above you should not have more that one fire wall or virus checker running at the same time as you may find that one will conflict with the other.

  dogbreath1 14:52 16 Mar 2005

I've got Avast and Zone Alarm installed with absolutely no problems. But then I've not heard anything bad about AVG (which Miss Dogbreath1 prefers) and Kerio firewall. In fact I've got AVG installed myself which I use as a scanner. Now, on the other hand, try 'Googling' for "problems with Norton"... it's not a pretty sight!! Of course you'll find entries for "problems with ANYTHING" if you know what I mean...but Norton must take the Gold Medal as far as crappy AV applications go.

  flimbo 14:56 16 Mar 2005

Should have made myself clearer, at the moment I don't run any other firewall or antivirus software apart from Norton and windows firewall is turned off. So there are no conflicts (I think).

  byfordr 14:56 16 Mar 2005

I've not come across any problems with NIS yet...not sure if the 2005 edition is that much different from 2004.

TBF I did install it on a freshly installed copy of XP. No noticed any slowdowns, or conflicts. I have had a noticeable drop in spyware picked up. Not sure whether this is down to NIS, spyware blaster (or other software installed)

As above only run one software firewall (my choice wouldn't be microsofts)

Have you noticed problems with it, or are you basing it on problems other people have encountered?

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